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Open Access 22.09.2022

The regime switching evidence of financial-economic-political risk in Turkey

In recent time, Turkey could be said to have experienced different levels of Economic Risk, Financial Risk, and Political Risk from low- to high-level. This study investigates the linkage between country risks, namely Financial Risk, Economic …


Dynamic effecting factors of air travel demand: an econometric analysis

Civil aviation sector is of great importance for all countries. Besides, demand estimation of air passengers is crucial for every part of air industry. It is used for marketing, determining policies, pricing, making decisions on investments and …

Open Access 21.09.2022

Response scale overstretch: linear stretching of response scales does not ensure cross-project equivalence in harmonised data

Differences in the response-scale formats constitute a major challenge for ex-post harmonisation of survey data. Linear stretching of original response options onto a common range of values remains a popular response to format differences. Unlike …

Open Access 19.09.2022

Identification of the most important external features of highly cited scholarly papers through 3 (i.e., Ridge, Lasso, and Boruta) feature selection data mining methods

Identification of the most important external features of highly cited scholarly papers through 3 (i.e., Ridge, Lasso, and Boruta) feature selection data mining methods

Highly cited papers are influenced by external factors that are not directly related to the document's intrinsic quality. In this study, 50 characteristics for measuring the performance of 68 highly cited papers, from the Journal of The American …

Open Access 16.09.2022

Estimation of small area proportions under a bivariate logistic mixed model

A variety of data is of geographic interest but is not available at a small area level from large-scale national sample surveys. Small area estimation can be used to estimate parameters of target variables to detailed geographical scales based on …

Über diese Zeitschrift

Quality and Quantity constitutes a point of reference for European and non-European scholars to discuss instruments of methodology for more rigorous scientific results in the social sciences.
The journal publishes papers on models of classification, methods for constructing typologies, models of simulation, neural networks and fuzzy sets for social research, mathematical models applied to social mobility, mathematical models of voting behavior, qualitative methodology and feminist methodology, discussions on the general logic of empirical research, analysis of the validity and verification of social laws, and similar topics.
Quality and Quantity is an interdisciplinary journal which systematically correlates disciplines such as mathematics and statistics with the social sciences, particularly sociology, economics, and social psychology.
The journal extends discussion of interesting contributions in methodology to scholars worldwide, to promote the scientific development of social research.

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