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Risk transfer versus cost reduction on two-sided microfinance platforms

Microfinance can be an important tool for fighting global poverty by increasing access to loans and possibly lowering interest rates through microlending. However, the dominant mechanism used by online microfinance platforms, in which …


Airline networks, traffic densities, and value of links

In airline networks, a link creates profits for its carrier in conjunction with the carrier’s other links. In other words, a link has “network” value. One prominent mechanism behind this network value is a hubbing effect: adding one single link to …


Aggregation of consumer ratings: an application to

Because consumer reviews leverage the wisdom of the crowd, the way in which they are aggregated is a central decision faced by platforms. We explore this “rating aggregation problem” and offer a structural approach to solving it, allowing for (1) …

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Quantitative Marketing and Economics (QME) publishes research in the intersection of Marketing, Economics and Statistics. Our focus is on important applied problems of relevance to marketing using a quantitative approach. We define marketing broadly as the study of the interface between firms, competitors and consumers. This includes but is not limited to consumer preferences, consumer demand and decision-making, strategic interaction of firms, pricing, promotion, targeting, product design/positioning, and channel issues. We embrace a wide variety of research methods including applied economic theory, econometrics and statistical methods. Empirical research using primary, secondary or experimental data is also encouraged.

Officially cited as: Quant Mark Econ
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Digitalisierung im Einkauf – technologische und organisatorische Trends

Technologien verändern die Arbeiten im Einkauf. Wenige große internationale Unternehmen beeinflussen diese Trends. Internet of Things und E-Commerce haben international unterschiedliche Entwicklungen. Europa hätte das größte Marktpotential, steht aber dabei nicht auf Platz 1. Diesen wird bis 2020 China eingenommen haben – so die Prognosen. In unserem Whitepaper finden Sie eine Zusammenschau aktueller Trends, die Sie kennen sollten.
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