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A study into mechanisms of attitudinal scale conversion: A randomized stochastic ordering approach

This paper considers the methodological challenge of how to convert categorical attitudinal scores (like satisfaction) measured on one scale to a categorical attitudinal score measured on another scale with a different range. This is becoming a …


Consumer mistakes and advertising: The case of mortgage refinancing

Does advertising help consumers to find the products they need or push them to buy products they don’t need? In this paper we study the heterogeneous effects of advertising on consumer mistakes in the market for mortgage refinancing and quantify …


Targeting and salesforce compensation: When sales spill over to unprofitable customers

Targeting selling efforts towards profitable customers is widely known to increase sales and allow firms to charge higher prices. In this paper, we show that targeting of selling efforts may also inadvertently lead to sales spilling over to …


Is pharmaceutical detailing informative? Evidence from contraindicated drug prescriptions

Crestor, an important but controversial cholesterol-lowering drug, is contraindicated for use by senior and Asian patients. In this paper, we exploit this fact along with unique physician-level prescription and detailing data for statin drugs to …


Dynamic effects of price promotions: field evidence, consumer search, and supply-side implications

This paper investigates the dynamic effects of price promotions in a retail setting through the use of a large-scale field experiment varying the promotion depths of 170 products across 17 categories in 10 supermarkets of a major retailer in …

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Quantitative Marketing and Economics (QME) publishes research in the intersection of Marketing, Economics and Statistics. Our focus is on important applied problems of relevance to marketing using a quantitative approach. We define marketing broadly as the study of the interface between firms, competitors and consumers. This includes but is not limited to consumer preferences, consumer demand and decision-making, strategic interaction of firms, pricing, promotion, targeting, product design/positioning, and channel issues. We embrace a wide variety of research methods including applied economic theory, econometrics and statistical methods. Empirical research using primary, secondary or experimental data is also encouraged.

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Entwicklung einer Supply-Strategie bei der Atotech Deutschland GmbH am Standort Feucht

Die Fallstudie zur Entwicklung der Supply-Strategie bei Atotech Deutschland GmbH beschreibt den klassischen Weg der Strategieentwicklung von der 15M-Reifegradanalyse über die Formulierung und Implementierung der Supply-Rahmenstrategie. Im Mittelpunkt der Betrachtung steht die Ableitung und Umsetzung der strategischen Stoßrichtungen sowie die Vorstellung der Fortschreibung dieser Strategie. Lesen Sie in diesem Whitepaper, wie die Supply-Strategie dynamisch an die veränderten strategischen Anforderungen des Unternehmens angepasst wurde. Jetzt gratis downloaden!