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Quantum Information Processing

Quantum Information Processing 1/2015

Ausgabe 1/2015

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 25 Artikel )

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

A case study in programming a quantum annealer for hard operational planning problems

Eleanor G. Rieffel, Davide Venturelli, Bryan O’Gorman, Minh B. Do, Elicia M. Prystay, Vadim N. Smelyanskiy

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Experimental implementation of a nonthermalizing quantum thermometer

C. Raitz, A. M. Souza, R. Auccaise, R. S. Sarthour, I. S. Oliveira

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Effective Hamiltonian for two interacting double-dot exchange-only qubits and their controlled-NOT operations

E. Ferraro, M. De Michielis, M. Fanciulli, E. Prati

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

C-NOT three-gates performance by coherent cavity field and its optimized quantum applications

Saad Rfifi, Morad El Baz

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

The commuting local Hamiltonian problem on locally expanding graphs is approximable in

Dorit Aharonov, Lior Eldar

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

A quantum algorithm for obtaining the lowest eigenstate of a Hamiltonian assisted with an ancillary qubit system

Jeongho Bang, Seung-Woo Lee, Chang-Woo Lee, Hyunseok Jeong

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Discord and entanglement of two-particle quantum walk on cycle graphs

J. P. J. Rodriguez, Z. J. Li, J. B. Wang

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015 Open Access

Temperature-independent teleportation of qubits in Davies environments

Dawid Kłoda, Jerzy Dajka

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Variable entangling in a quantum prisoner’s dilemma cellular automaton

Ramón Alonso-Sanz

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Maximal entanglement entanglement-assisted quantum codes constructed from linear codes

Liangdong Lu, Ruihu Li, Luobin Guo, Qiang Fu

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Binary construction of pure additive quantum codes with distance five or six

YangYu Fan, WeiLiang Wang, RuiHu Li

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Automatic synthesis of quantum circuits for point addition on ordinary binary elliptic curves

Parshuram Budhathoki, Rainer Steinwandt

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Local deterministic simulation of equatorial Von Neumann measurements on tripartite GHZ state

Arup Roy, Amit Mukherjee, Some Sankar Bhattacharya, Manik Banik, Subhadipa Das

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Classification of the entangled states of

Liang-Liang Sun, Jun-Li Li, Cong-Feng Qiao

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Computable measure of quantum correlation

S. Javad Akhtarshenas, Hamidreza Mohammadi, Saman Karimi, Zahra Azmi

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Local quantum uncertainty and bounds on quantumness for orthogonally invariant class of states

Ajoy Sen, Amit Bhar, Debasis Sarkar

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Entanglement witnesses generated by positive maps

Wei Yang

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Quantum correlation evolution of GHZ and states under noisy channels using ameliorated measurement-induced disturbance

Pakhshan Espoukeh, Pouria Pedram

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Protecting entanglement from amplitude damping in non-inertial frames by weak measurement and reversal

Yang Yu, Liu Ye

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Coherent feedback enabled distributed generation of entanglement between propagating Gaussian fields

Zhan Shi, Hendra I. Nurdin

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Distributing a multi-photon polarization-entangled state with unitary fidelity via arbitrary collective noise channels

Xiao-Ming Xiu, Qing-Yang Li, Li Dong, Hong-Zhi Shen, Dan Li, Ya-Jun Gao, X. X. Yi

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Joint remote state preparation for two-qubit equatorial states

Binayak S. Choudhury, Arpan Dhara

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Reconstruction of bipartite states via unambiguous state discrimination and mutually unbiased measurement

Lian-Fang Han, Ming Yang, Shu-Dong Fang, Zhuo-Liang Cao

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Quantum homomorphic signature

Tao Shang, Xiao-jie Zhao, Chao Wang, Jian-wei Liu

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Quantum phase estimation with local amplified 1001 state based on Wigner-function method

Xue-Xiang Xu, Hong-Chun Yuan

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