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Quantum Information Processing

Quantum Information Processing 9/2015

Ausgabe 9/2015

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 25 Artikel )

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Exciton-mediated quantum search on a star graph

Vincent Pouthier

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

A bounded-error quantum polynomial-time algorithm for two graph bisection problems

Ahmed Younes

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Moments of coinless quantum walks on lattices

Raqueline Azevedo Medeiros Santos, Renato Portugal, Stefan Boettcher

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Entanglement dynamics of two-particle quantum walks

G. R. Carson, T. Loke, J. B. Wang

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Stabilizer quantum codes from J-affine variety codes and a new Steane-like enlargement

Carlos Galindo, Fernando Hernando, Diego Ruano

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Algebraic synthesis of time-optimal unitaries in SU(2) with alternating controls

Clarice D. Aiello, Michele Allegra, Börge Hemmerling, Xiaoting Wan, Paola Cappellaro

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Realization of commonly used quantum gates using perturbed harmonic oscillator

Kumar Gautam, Tarun Kumar Rawat, Harish Parthasarathy, Navneet Sharma

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Realization of quantum gates based on three-dimensional harmonic oscillator in a time-varying electromagnetic field

Kumar Gautam, Garv Chauhan, Tarun Kumar Rawat, Harish Parthasarathy, Navneet Sharma

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Robust quantum storage and retrieval in a hybrid system by controllable Stark-chirped rapid adiabatic passages

Long-Bao Yu, Jun-Sheng Feng, Ping Dong, Da-Chuang Li, Zhuo-Liang Cao

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Entanglement of four-qubit rank-2 mixed states

Eylee Jung, DaeKil Park

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Dimension formula for induced maximal faces of separable states and genuine entanglement

Lin Chen, Dragomir Ž. Ɖoković

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

An algorithm based on negative probabilities for a separability criterion

M. A. de Ponte, S. S. Mizrahi, M. H. Y. Moussa

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

The dynamics of two entangled qubits exposed to classical noise: role of spatial and temporal noise correlations

Piotr Szańkowski, Marek Trippenbach, Łukasz Cywiński, Yehuda B. Band

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

On the quantum discord of general X states

M. A. Yurischev

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Protecting multipartite entanglement against weak-measurement-induced amplitude damping by local unitary operations

Xiao-Lan Zong, Chao-Qun Du, Ming Yang, Wei Song, Qing Yang, Zhuo-Liang Cao

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Controlled bidirectional remote state preparation in noisy environment: a generalized view

Vishal Sharma, Chitra Shukla, Subhashish Banerjee, Anirban Pathak

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Deterministic joint remote preparation of an arbitrary two-qubit state in noisy environments

Jin-Fang Li, Jin-Ming Liu, Xin-Ye Xu

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Quantum key agreement protocols with four-qubit cluster states

Ye-Feng He, Wen-Ping Ma

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Fault-tolerant authenticated quantum dialogue using logical Bell states

Tian-Yu Ye

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Intercept-and-resend attack on controlled bidirectional quantum direct communication and its improvement

Chih-Hung Chang, Yi-Ping Luo, Chun-Wei Yang, Tzonelih Hwang

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015 Open Access

Secure sequential transmission of quantum information

Kabgyun Jeong, Jaewan Kim

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Quantum network coding for general repeater networks

Tao Shang, Jiao Li, Zhuang Pei, Jian-wei Liu

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Multipartite unextendible entangled basis

Yu Guo, Yanping Jia, Xiulan Li

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

Enhancing quantum correlation in open-system dynamics by reliable quantum operations

Jia Dong Shi, Dong Wang, Wen Chao Ma, Liu Ye

01.09.2015 | Ausgabe 9/2015

A measure of non-Markovianity for unital quantum dynamical maps

S. Haseli, S. Salimi, A. S. Khorashad

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