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Queueing Systems

Queueing Systems 3/2007

Ausgabe 3/2007

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 4 Artikel )

01.03.2007 | Ausgabe 3/2007

A two-fluid storage model with Lévy inputs and alternating outputs

D. G. Konstantinides, N. U. Prabhu

01.03.2007 | Ausgabe 3/2007

Optimal buffer size for a stochastic processing network in heavy traffic

Arka P. Ghosh, Ananda P. Weerasinghe

01.03.2007 | Ausgabe 3/2007 Open Access

Iterative approximation of k-limited polling systems

M. van Vuuren, E. M. M. Winands

01.03.2007 | Ausgabe 3/2007

Allocation of jobs and identical resources with two pooling centers

Hui-Chih Hung, Marc E. Posner

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