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Do product market threats affect analyst forecast precision?

We examine how product market threats influence the precision of analyst forecasts. Greater competitive threats may make forecasting more difficult by increasing the uncertainty regarding future cash flows and by influencing the quality of …


A theory of risk disclosure

In this paper, we consider the price effects of risk disclosure. We develop a model in which investors are uncertain about the variance of a firm’s cash flows and the firm releases an imperfect signal regarding this variance. In our model …


The sharpest tool in the shed: IPO financial statement management of STEM vs. non-STEM firms

The valuation of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) firms has recently gained attention in the literature. Research has shown that, for valuation of STEM firms, accounting items such as sales growth and R&D expenditures matter more …


The best of all possible worlds: unraveling target price optimism using analysts’ scenario-based valuations

We document that the relative placement of analysts’ target price within their subjective distribution of scenario-based valuations for the covered firm (i.e., tilt) is informative to investors. When analysts forecast price appreciation, tilt …

28.06.2017 Open Access

The contribution of bank regulation and fair value accounting to procyclical leverage

Our analysis of how banks’ responses to asset price changes can result in procyclical leverage reveals that, for banks with a binding regulatory leverage constraint, absent differences in regulatory risk weights across assets, procyclical leverage …

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Was Bulle und Bär 2017 vorhaben

Die Anlage Praxis informiert über die wichtigsten Entwicklungen an den internationalen Börsen. Aktuell steht Italien aufgrund hoher Staatsschulden und einem bröckelnden Bankensektor eine unsichere Zeit bevor. Der gesamten Finanzbranche stehen 2017 grundlegende Veränderungen bevor. Mit welchen Folgen Anlageberater und Vermittler rechnen müssen, erfahren Sie hier:
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