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Review of Industrial Organization

An International Journal Published for the Industrial Organization Society

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Bank Competition and Financial Inclusion: Evidence from Mexico

We document a positive relation between bank competition and the penetration of bank accounts at the local level in Mexico. To account for potential biases in our regressions due to the endogeneity of market structure, we employ a two-stage …


General Editor’s Note: Antitrust and Regulatory Update


Economics at the FCC, 2017–2018: Internet Freedom, International Broadband Pricing Comparisons, and a New Office of Economics and Analytics

The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) current strategic plan lists four priority goals: closing the digital divide; promoting innovation; protecting consumers and public safety; and reforming the FCC’s processes. Economists at the FCC …

01.11.2018 Open Access

Recent Developments at DG Competition: 2017/2018

The Directorate General for Competition at the European Commission enforces competition law in the areas of antitrust, merger control, and state aids. This year’s article provides first a general presentation of the role of the Chief Competition …


When Efficient Firms Flock Together: Merger Incentives Under Yardstick Competition

Local monopolists that are regulated by yardstick competition frequently merge with their peers. However, economic theory provides little guidance for merger analysis. In contrast, the theoretical model in this article shows that there can be room …

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Published for the Industrial Organization Society, the Review of Industrial Organization examines all aspects of the field. The journal encourages papers dealing with any economic sector and any developed economy.

A major focus of the journal is competition and monopoly in their many forms and their effects on efficiency, innovation, and social conditions. Topics range from the internal organization of enterprises to international comparisons. The Review has also increased its focus on public policies such as antitrust, regulation, deregulation, public enterprise, and privatization.

The Review highlights ideas that can be verified by econometric evidence, case studies, or other real conditions. It also presents papers that advance significant theories of industrial organization and policy.

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Rev Ind Organ

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