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Review of Industrial Organization

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09.05.2020 Open Access

Non-Controlling Minority Shareholdings and Collusion

This article merges theoretical literature on non-controlling minority shareholdings (NCMS) in a coherent model to study the effects of NCMS on competition and collusion. The model encompasses both the case of a common owner holding shares of …


Payoff-Improving Competition: Games with Negative Externalities

We demonstrate that more intense competition in games with production and negative externalities may be payoff-improving, and therefore welcomed by incumbents. In games that feature equilibria with strategic complements, increased competition may …


Bargaining in Patent Licensing with Inefficient Outcomes

A monopoly (M) faces an outside innovator who owns a technology that eliminates the entry cost and hence allows a profitable entry. M is willing to pay for that technology, so as to exclude entry and to keep enjoying its monopoly profits. Before …


Cheating in Ranking Systems

Consider a software application that pays a commission fee to be sold on an on-line platform (e.g., Google Play). The sales depend on the applications’ customer rankings. Therefore, developers have an incentive to dishonestly promote their …


Endogenous Price Leadership and Product Positioning

This paper models the timing of price competition in a differentiated duopoly as endogenously determined and studies the timing’s impact on the first-mover advantage in establishing product position. It is shown that a firm's location …

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Published for the Industrial Organization Society, the Review of Industrial Organization examines all aspects of the field. The journal encourages papers dealing with any economic sector and any developed economy.

A major focus of the journal is competition and monopoly in their many forms and their effects on efficiency, innovation, and social conditions. Topics range from the internal organization of enterprises to international comparisons. The Review has also increased its focus on public policies such as antitrust, regulation, deregulation, public enterprise, and privatization.

The Review highlights ideas that can be verified by econometric evidence, case studies, or other real conditions. It also presents papers that advance significant theories of industrial organization and policy.

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