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Review of Managerial Science

Ausgabe 1/2024

Inhalt (9 Artikel)

Open Access Original Paper

Organizational citizenship behavior: understanding interaction effects of psychological ownership and agency systems

Ben Wilhelm, Nastaran Simarasl, Frederik J. Riar, Franz W. Kellermanns

Original Paper

Bank performance before and during the COVID-19 crisis: Does efficiency play a role?

Miroslav Mateev, Ahmad Sahyouni, Turki Al Masaeid

Original Paper

Breaches and buffers: Can meaningful work impact turnover during COVID-19 pandemic?

Michele L. Heath, Erika N. Williams, William Luse

Open Access Original Paper

Global environmental equities and investor sentiment: the role of social media and Covid-19 pandemic crisis

Vítor Manuel de Sousa-Gabriel, María Belén Lozano-García, Maria Fernanda Ludovina Inácio Matias, Maria Elisabete Neves, Jennifer Martínez-Ferrero

Original Paper

Overcommitted to show up in the board? The moderating effect of ownership

Bilal Latif, Wim Voordeckers, Frank Lambrechts

Open Access Original Paper

Penalty contracts: is it all about paying the cash upfront?

Andrea Essl, Kathrin Friedrich, Stefanie Schumacher, Frauke von Bieberstein

Open Access Review Paper

Does national culture impact management control systems? A systematic literature review

Christine Mitter, Michael Kuttner, Christine Duller, Petra Sommerauer

Open Access Review Paper

The role of intelligences in teams: a systematic literature review

Mahboobeh Davaei, Marjaana Gunkel

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