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Review of Managerial Science

Ausgabe 5/2024

Inhalt (9 Artikel)

Open Access Original Paper

How life context affects entrepreneurs' passion and performance

Stefan Schulte-Holthaus, Andreas Kuckertz

Open Access Original Paper

Leadership in a different light: understanding co-worker exchange in a triad

Inés Herrero, Mar Bornay-Barrachina

Open Access Original Paper

The EFQM excellence model, the knowledge management process and the corresponding results: an explanatory and predictive study

José Bocoya-Maline, Manuel Rey-Moreno, Arturo Calvo-Mora

Open Access Original Paper

Partner selection strategies of SMEs for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals

Paola Castellani, Chiara Rossato, Elena Giaretta, Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez

Open Access Original Paper

Developing a measurement scale of corporate socially responsible entrepreneurship in sustainable management

Dolores Gallardo-Vázquez, Teresa C. Herrador-Alcaide, Juan de la Cruz Sánchez-Domínguez

Original Paper

Setting the development of digitalization: state-of-the-art and potential for future research in cooperatives

Belén Ribeiro-Navarrete, José Ramón Saura, Virginia Simón-Moya

Original Paper

A matter of motivation: the impact of enterprise digital transformation on green innovation

Qiuqin He, Samuel Ribeiro-Navarrete, Dolores Botella-Carrubi

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