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Review of Managerial Science

Ausgabe 7/2023

Inhalt (14 Artikel)

Original Paper

Multi-level corporate entrepreneurship in SMEs: an intra-metropolitan analysis

Cayetano Medina Molina, Domingo Ribeiro Soriano, Cristina Blanco González-Tejero

Original Paper

Why one strategy does not fit all: a systematic review on exploration–exploitation in different organizational archetypes

Carolina Rojas-Córdova, Amanda J. Williamson, Julio A. Pertuze, Gustavo Calvo

Open Access Original Paper

All is not lost that is delayed: overconfidence and investment outcomes

André Betzer, Inga van den Bongard, Felix Schweder, Erik Theissen, Christine Volkmann

Open Access Original Paper

Heuristic pricing rules not requiring knowledge of the price response function

Daniel Gahler, Harald Hruschka

Open Access Original Paper

How executive incentive design affects risk-taking: a literature review

Niklas Kreilkamp, Sascha Matanovic, Maximilian Schmidt, Arnt Wöhrmann

Open Access Original Paper

Do start-ups benefit from coworking spaces? An empirical analysis of accelerators’ programs

Nicola Del Sarto, Giulio Ferrigno, Vinit Parida, Alberto Di Minin

Original Paper

Transgenerational entrepreneurship in family firms: a configurational approach

Andrea Calabrò, Mariateresa Torchia, Andreas Kallmuenzer, Hedi Yezza, Cheng Feng

Review Paper

Financing effects of corporate diversification: A review

Viswanathan Nagarajan, Pitabas Mohanty, Apalak Khatua

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