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Review of Managerial Science

Ausgabe 8/2023

Inhalt (13 Artikel)

Open Access Original Paper

Foundation ownership and firm growth

Joern Block, Reza Fathollahi

Original Paper

Big data analytics management capability and firm performance: the mediating role of data-driven culture

Tugba Karaboga, Cemal Zehir, Ekrem Tatoglu, H. Aykut Karaboga, Abderaouf Bouguerra

Open Access Original Paper

The effect of management control systems in managing the unknown: Does the market appreciate the breadth of vision?

Jacobo Gomez-Conde, Ernesto Lopez-Valeiras, Fabricia Silva Rosa, Rogério João Lunkes

Open Access Original Paper

Understanding crowdsourcing in science

Regina Lenart-Gansiniec, Wojciech Czakon, Łukasz Sułkowski, Jasna Pocek

Original Paper

Eldercare demand may inhibit workplace social courage through fear of negative evaluation: moderating role of family supportive supervisory behavior

Shahida Mariam, Muhammad Nawaz Qaisar, Farooq Ahmad, Hafiz Ghufran Ali Khan, Ayesha Shafique

Original Paper

Family business succession and innovation: a systematic literature review

Juliana R. Baltazar, Cristina I. Fernandes, Veland Ramadani, Mathew Hughes

Open Access Review Paper

Entrepreneurship innovation using social robots in tourism: a social listening study

Luis J. Callarisa-Fiol, Miguel Ángel Moliner-Tena, Rosa Rodríguez-Artola, Javier Sánchez-García

Open Access Review Paper

Dissecting entrepreneurial team research: a bibliometric analysis

Tin Horvatinovic, Mihaela Mikic, Marina Dabić

Review Paper

What makes innovation ambidexterity manageable: a systematic review, multi-level model and future challenges

Rabab H. Saleh, Christopher M. Durugbo, Soud M. Almahamid

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