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15.10.2018 | Original Paper

Indebtedness in family-managed firms: the moderating role of female directors on the board

Despite the analysis of capital structure has motivated a huge amount of literature within the field of finance, much is still unrevealed regarding how and why managers decide to get into debt. Stimulated by the increasing interest in capital …

29.09.2018 | Original Paper

Does CEO (over)compensation influence corporate reputation?

This paper investigates the impact of CEO excess compensation on corporate reputation. Past research has focused mainly on understanding how CEO overpayment is related to firm performance. As a consequence, we know relatively little about the …

22.09.2018 | Original Paper

Employee lawsuits and capital structure

We examine the effect of litigation on corporate capital structure by using a unique, hand-collected dataset of 30,841 employee disputes (after initial court hearings) between 2000 and 2015. We find that employee lawsuits increase firms’ leverage …

18.09.2018 | Original Paper Open Access

Firm age dynamics and causes of corporate bankruptcy: age dependent explanations for business failure

Theories of organizational failure predict that reasons for corporate demise may differ by firm age and life cycle stage. However, large-scale empirical studies that investigate the relationship between firm characteristics and specific causes of …

25.08.2018 | Original Paper

Individual innovation adoption and the role of organizational culture

Technological innovations are generally considered to contribute positively to the organization, but there are gaps in our understanding of how benefits can be realized. In particular, studies of technological innovation adoption in organizations …

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Review of Managerial Science (RMS) provides a forum for innovative research from all scientific areas of business administration. The journal publishes original research of high quality and is open to various methodological approaches (analytical modeling, empirical research, experimental work, methodological reasoning etc.). The scope of RMS encompasses – but is not limited to – accounting, auditing, banking, business strategy, corporate governance, entrepreneurship, financial structure and capital markets, health economics, human resources management, information systems, innovation management, insurance, marketing, organization, production and logistics, risk management and taxation. RMS also encourages the submission of papers combining ideas and/or approaches from different areas in an innovative way. Review papers presenting the state of the art of a research area and pointing out new directions for further research are also welcome. The scientific standards of RMS are guaranteed by a rigorous, double-blind peer review process with ad hoc referees and the journal´s internationally composed editorial board.

Officially cited as: Rev Manag Sci

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