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12.01.2019 | Original Paper

How to enhance radical innovation? The importance of organizational design and generative learning

While previous studies have tried to disentangle how the structure of an organization influences its capability to innovate, the results obtained to date are inconclusive and often contradictory. As a result, it is difficult to generalize the …

03.01.2019 | Original Paper Open Access

One color fits all: product category color norms and (a)typical package colors

Despite the growing amount of research on different aspects of product package design, there is lack of empirical evidence with regard to how package color perceptions may influence consumer preferences. Based on categorization theory, the present …

14.12.2018 | Original Paper

Predicting customer quality in e-commerce social networks: a machine learning approach

The digital transformation of companies is having a major impact on all business areas, especially marketing, where audiences are most volatile and loyalty is at its scarcest. Many large retail brands try to keep their client base interested by …

14.12.2018 | Original Paper

B-share discount puzzle in China: a revisit of dual-share firms

This paper revisits the B-shares discount puzzle for dual-class shares in China. The major finding shows that the Shanghai stock market experiences a greater downward correction in stock prices and the discount rate of B-shares diminishes after …

11.12.2018 | Original Paper

Customer satisfaction and repurchase intention theory for the online sharing economy

The online sharing economy can multiply the effects of its traditional counterparts. This study intends to explore consumer behavior for the sharing economy in the hotel industry. To that end, this study explores the relationships between …

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Review of Managerial Science (RMS) provides a forum for innovative research from all scientific areas of business administration. The journal publishes original research of high quality and is open to various methodological approaches (analytical modeling, empirical research, experimental work, methodological reasoning etc.). The scope of RMS encompasses – but is not limited to – accounting, auditing, banking, business strategy, corporate governance, entrepreneurship, financial structure and capital markets, health economics, human resources management, information systems, innovation management, insurance, marketing, organization, production and logistics, risk management and taxation. RMS also encourages the submission of papers combining ideas and/or approaches from different areas in an innovative way. Review papers presenting the state of the art of a research area and pointing out new directions for further research are also welcome. The scientific standards of RMS are guaranteed by a rigorous, double-blind peer review process with ad hoc referees and the journal´s internationally composed editorial board.

Officially cited as: Rev Manag Sci

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Wieviel digitale Transformation steckt im Informationsmanagement? Zum Zusammenspiel eines etablierten und eines neuen Managementkonzepts

Das Management des Digitalisierungsprozesses ist eine drängende Herausforderung für fast jedes Unternehmen. Ausgehend von drei aufeinander aufbauenden empirischen Untersuchungen lesen Sie hier, welche generellen Themenfelder und konkreten Aufgaben sich dem Management im Rahmen dieses Prozesses stellen. Erfahren Sie hier, warum das Management der digitalen Transformation als separates Konzept zum Informationsmanagement zu betrachten
und so auch organisatorisch separiert zu implementieren ist. Jetzt gratis downloaden!