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20.04.2021 | Review Paper Open Access

It takes two to tango: the interplay between decision logics, communication strategies and social media engagement in start-ups

This manuscript analyzes start-ups’ usage of different communication strategies (information, response, involvement), their underlying decision logics (effectuation, causation, strategy absence) and respective social media success. A multitude of …

17.04.2021 | Review Paper

Establishment of a typology for startups 4.0

Although startups' importance as "innovation drivers" and a resource for leveraging competitiveness has been established, these startups face difficulties in being sustained and continuing to survive, especially in emerging countries. These …

09.04.2021 | Original Paper

Strategic response to institutional pressures of climate change: an exploration among gas sector companies

Climate change has become one of the dominant themes of our time, and the way how companies respond to it may have major implications for their success in the future. This paper aims to better understand the response of companies in a highly …

03.04.2021 | Original Paper

Zombie firms and corporate governance: What room for maneuver do companies have to avoid becoming zombies?

This paper is an attempt to empirically examine the influence of corporate governance on zombie theory. Recent data indicates that the problem affects more than 10% of all firms and is worth close to a billion Euros in the European Union. It is …

01.04.2021 | Original Paper Open Access

The pricing of green bonds: external reviews and the shades of green

We investigate the asset pricing implications of the greenness of bonds. To estimate a green-pricing effect, we determine the ‘green bond premium’ as the difference between the yields of matched conventional and green-labeled bonds. On a …

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Review of Managerial Science (RMS) provides a forum for innovative research from all scientific areas of business administration. The journal publishes original research of high quality and is open to various methodological approaches (analytical modeling, empirical research, experimental work, methodological reasoning etc.). The scope of RMS encompasses – but is not limited to – accounting, auditing, banking, business strategy, corporate governance, entrepreneurship, financial structure and capital markets, health economics, human resources management, information systems, innovation management, insurance, marketing, organization, production and logistics, risk management and taxation. RMS also encourages the submission of papers combining ideas and/or approaches from different areas in an innovative way. Review papers presenting the state of the art of a research area and pointing out new directions for further research are also welcome. The scientific standards of RMS are guaranteed by a rigorous, double-blind peer review process with ad hoc referees and the journal´s internationally composed editorial board.

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