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Review of Regional Research

Jahrbuch für Regionalwissenschaft

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16.04.2021 | Original Paper Open Access

Determinants of cross-border co-patents: empirical evidence from 45 European regions

Innovation processes are often interactive because the actors involved require complementary knowledge assets. Given the potentially lower institutional proximity (in terms of language, culture and formal regulations) when compared to domestic …

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This journal publishes original theoretical and empirical research in all fields of regional science. Pursuing an interdisciplinary approach, its scientific scope includes in particular economics, geography, sociology, spatial and urban planning, transportation, environmental issues, resource management, population science and communication. 
The Review of Regional Research is a publication of the German-speaking section of the Regional Science Association International, i.e. the Gesellschaft für Regionalforschung. Since its inception in 1980 the journal’s primary aim has been to publish high-quality papers that make new and substantial contributions to theoretical as well as empirical issues in regional science. Submitted manuscripts are subject to a mutually anonymous peer-review proce

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