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27.06.2022 | Original Contribution

Extended time–temperature rheology of polyvinyl butyral (PVB)

Polyvinyl butyral (PVB), used in safety glass and photovoltaic panels, is commonly described as a complex viscoelastic solid. However, this description is questionable: a viscoelastic solid rheology does not account well for the data obtained at …

27.06.2022 | Original Contribution

Rheokinetic modeling of N-A-S–H gel formation related to alkali-activated aluminosilicate materials

Alkali-activated aluminosilicate (N-A-S–H) gels are models for understanding structure formation in sustainable cement alternatives known as geopolymers. Temporal measurements of elastic shear moduli development of these aluminosilicate gels show …

27.06.2022 | Original Contribution

Bentonite-free water-based drilling fluids at HP/HT condition: a rheometric analysis

The bentonite-free water-based drilling fluid aids in reducing formation damage in offshore operations in ultra-deep wells. In this scenario, the material experiences high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. The material’s rheological …

25.06.2022 | Original Contribution

Interfacial microrheology: characteristics of homogeneous and heterogeneous interfaces

Two-point microrheology was applied to a homogeneous (DPPC monolayers) and a heterogeneous (asphaltene films) interface. For DPPC monolayers, both the longitudinal and transverse-correlated motions showed a purely diffusional regime at different …

23.06.2022 | Original Contribution

Effect of aromatic and non-aromatic solvents on the interfacial viscoelasticity and self-arrangement of asphaltenes

Adsorption of asphaltene molecules at the oil-water interface induces the formation of a complex microstructure that stabilizes emulsions and impairs the efficiency of crude oil refining. We explore the contribution of polar and non-polar solvents …

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The journal Rheologica Acta advances the science of rheology by publishing high quality peer reviewed articles, invited reviews and peer reviewed short communications reporting substantial progress in core areas of fluid or solid rheology.

The scope of coverage includes rheometrical and rheo-physical techniques, rheo-optics, microrheology; rheology of soft matter systems including polymer melts and solutions, colloidal dispersions, cement, ceramics, glasses, gels, emulsions, surfactant systems, liquid crystals, biomaterials and food; electro and magnetorheology; theory of rheology; non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, complex fluids in microfluidic devices and flow instabilities; interfacial rheology and more.

Rheologica Acta is the official journal of The European Society of Rheology.

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