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30.05.2020 | Original Contribution

Rheology of semi-dilute suspensions with a viscoelastic matrix

This work explores the rheology of suspensions of spheres in a viscoelastic matrix. The volume fraction varies from zero to 0.2. Steady shearing, small strain sinusoidal shearing and uniaxial elongation are considered. We conclude that the matrix …

30.05.2020 | Original Contribution

Anisotropic behaviour analysis of silicone/carbonyl iron particles magnetorheological elastomers

We report the microscopic, magnetic and rheological properties of magnetorheological elastomers (MRE) with carbonyl iron magnetic particles (CIP) dispersed into silicone in the concentration range 5–30% volume content. The samples have been …

28.05.2020 | Original Contribution

The influence of fumed silica content, dispersion energy, and humidity on the stability of shear thickening fluids

Shear thickening fluids (STFs) are smart materials that change from liquid to solid reversibly when undergoing critical stresses. These materials are good alternatives to improve applications where energy dissipation is important, for example, in …

18.05.2020 | Original Contribution

Effect of geometrical confinement on the flow of soft microgel particle pastes

In this paper, we determine the effect of confinement on the shear flow of concentrated soft microgel particle suspensions. Utilizing a flexure-based microgap rheometer (FMR), aqueous suspensions of swollen P(NIPAM-co-AA) microgel particles of 4μ …

07.05.2020 | Original Contribution

Effect of a radial flow foregoing a capillary die on the behavior of extruded PDMS: velocity field–distorted strand correlation

The present work aimed to investigate the influence of flow geometry on volume instability associated to a linear polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). To do so, a convergent radial flow was created at the die entrance. The performed particle image …

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The journal Rheologica Acta advances the science of rheology by publishing high quality peer reviewed articles, invited reviews and peer reviewed short communications reporting substantial progress in core areas of fluid or solid rheology.

The scope of coverage includes rheometrical and rheo-physical techniques, rheo-optics, microrheology; rheology of soft matter systems including polymer melts and solutions, colloidal dispersions, cement, ceramics, glasses, gels, emulsions, surfactant systems, liquid crystals, biomaterials and food; electro and magnetorheology; theory of rheology; non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, complex fluids in microfluidic devices and flow instabilities; interfacial rheology and more.

Rheologica Acta is the official journal of The European Society of Rheology.

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