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RILEM State-of-the-Art Reports

RILEM State-of-the-Art Reports

37 Jahrgänge | 2011 - 2022


RILEM, The International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures, founded in 1947, is a non-governmental scientific association whose goal is to contribute to progress in the construction sciences, techniques and industries, essentially by means of the communication it fosters between research and practice. RILEM’s focus is on construction materials and their use in building and civil engineering structures, covering all phases of the building process from manufacture to use and recycling of materials. More information on RILEM and its previous publications can be found on The RILEM State-of-the-Art Reports (STAR) are produced by the Technical Committees. They represent one of the most important outputs that RILEM generates – high level scientific and engineering reports that provide cutting edge knowledge in a given field. The work of the TCs is one of RILEM’s key functions. Members of a TC are experts in their field and give their time freely to share their expertise. As a result, the broader scientific community benefits greatly from RILEM’s activities. RILEM’s stated objective is to disseminate this information as widely as possible to the scientific community. RILEM therefore considers the STAR reports of its TCs as of highest importance, and encourages their publication whenever possible. The information in this and similar reports is mostly pre-normative in the sense that it provides the underlying scientific fundamentals on which standards and codes of practice are based. Without such a solid scientific basis, construction practice will be less than efficient or economical. It is RILEM’s hope that this information will be of wide use to the scientific community.
Indexed in SCOPUS, Google Scholar and SpringerLink.