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Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering

Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 4/2006

Ausgabe 4/2006

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 6 Artikel )

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006


Giovanni Barla

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

Manuel Rocha Medal Recipient Shear Strength of Rock Joints Based on Quantified Surface Description

G. Grasselli

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

A Simple Method for Analysis of Point Anchored Rockbolts in Circular Tunnels in Elastic Ground

A. Bobet

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

Statistics of Boulder Encounters during Shaft Excavation

D. Veneziano, J. Van Dyck

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

A Practical Procedure for the Measurement of Fragmentation by Blasting by Image Analysis

J. A. Sanchidrián, P. Segarra, L. M. López

01.09.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

Real Time Analysis and Forecasting of Strata Caving Behaviour during Longwall Operations

S. Tadisetty, K. Matsui, H. Shimada, R. N. Gupta

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