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08.07.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020 Open Access

Water Resources Management 10/2020

Rule-Based Object-Oriented Water Resource System Simulation Model for Water Allocation

Water Resources Management > Ausgabe 10/2020
Pengfei Lin, Jinjun You, Hong Gan, Ling Jia
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Simulation is a basic method to analyze water resources system and provide information for decision-making. In this study, a framework is presented that describes the basic elements in a water resource system and a modelling technique integrating conceptual simulation and rule control. To formulate the process of the water cycle and water exploitation with a mathematical model, the water system is described based on adjustable relevant rules and respective parameters with experiences and pragmatic demands in the framework. The rule set describes the principles required to design conceptual networks and control the concrete processes of movement and conversion of different water flows. Combined with object-oriented programming, different calculation functional modules are classified based on the characteristics of water source layers, and the processes that occur in the networks are realised in the computation. The influence of the South-to-North Water Diversion project on the Haihe River basin is analysed by the rule-based object-oriented water resource allocation simulation model. According to the simulation results, groundwater extraction will be reduced by 6,181 million m3. The relationship between water source replacement and water layer exchange in the Haihe River basin is analysed, and the feasibility of the model is verified. Based on the rule-based model, the user requirements can be taken into account conveniently, and the rules are flexible to adjust with experiences and real conditions. This model can be used to simulate complex water resource systems.

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