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Über dieses Buch

Focus on SAP business analytics business gains, key features, and implementation. The book includes example implementations of SAP business analytics, the challenges faced, and the solutions implemented. SAP Business Analytics explains both the strategy and technical implementation for gathering and analyzing all the information pertaining to an organization.

Key features of the book are:

A 360-degree view of an organization’s data and the methods to gather and analyze that dataThe strategies that need to be in place to gather relevant data from disparate systemsDetails about the SAP business analytics suite of productsThe technical implementations used to gather data from disparate systems such as ERP and CRM Real business cases as examples

Analytics is the driving force in today’s business, be it healthcare, marketing, telecommunications, or retail and hence the most vital part of any organization’s strategy.

What You'll Learn

Gain an understanding of business analytics in generalAbsorb the technical details of the SAP business analytics suite of productsDiscover the challenges faced during an enterprise-level analytics project implementationLearn the key points to be kept in mind during the technical implementation of an SAP business analytics project

Who This Book Is For

Analytics strategists, BI managers, BI architects, business analysts, and BI developers.



Chapter 1. Introduction to Business Analytics

Information is advantageous. The more information we have, the better informed our decisions are. We are inundated with information or data in today’s world. With about 40% of the world’s population using the Internet, and with that number growing every second, data is ubiquitous. We have moved from being an analog world to a very digital one. E-commerce, newspapers, the Internet of things (IoT), music streaming—all generate huge amounts of data. The art of combining every data footprint and gaining actionable insights from that huge cache of data, which helps businesses grow, improves customer experience, and generates revenue, is known as business analytics.
Sudipa DuttaRoy

Chapter 2. SAP Business Analytics Suite of Products

The last chapter discussed the emerging market for business analytics, with data being used to gain insights into every aspect of businesses, and its growing importance in organizations. Businesses that take advantage of business analytics capabilities have an edge with regard to business process optimization and revenue generation.
Sudipa DuttaRoy

Chapter 3. Consolidating Data from Disparate Systems for an Analytics Project

Analytics discovers patterns in data, by turning raw data into meaningful information. Analytics implies being able to generate insights by analyzing data generated by business systems. Because every business has several systems that support each business process, it is important that data from these different systems is merged before data analysis begins. This is critical to attaining a holistic view of business processes and the data generated by them. This chapter explains the importance of merging data and its attendant challenges and solutions.
Sudipa DuttaRoy

Chapter 4. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services

In this chapter, you will discover the advantages of data integration and the challenges faced in integrating data from different systems and in different formats, and some of the proven solutions. The chapter also mentions some common data warehousing practices and technical implementations of ETL (extraction, transformation, and loading).
Sudipa DuttaRoy

Chapter 5. SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform

Today, owing to businesses’ expanding online presence, there is an abundance of data. More and more consumers use mails and chats for communication and online services to book taxis and flights and tables at restaurants. All of this commerce relies on IT services, and, in order to optimize this technology, businesses must be able to evaluate their processes by visualizing information.
Sudipa DuttaRoy

Chapter 6. SAP Analytics Products

In this chapter, you will learn about the various SAP Business Analytics offerings and the business cases for the same. While there are myriad business analytics tools, each tool is best suited to a particular use case.
Sudipa DuttaRoy

Chapter 7. SAP Analytics Product Implementation

In this chapter, you will learn some practical technical implementations of SAP Business Analytics and some industry standards related to business analytics projects.
Sudipa DuttaRoy


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