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09.06.2021 | Article

Elastography mapped by deep convolutional neural networks

Elastography emerges as a medical modality to map stiffness distribution of tissues and is expected to help identify malignant tumors. To this end, tissues are externally stimulated with dynamic waves, and thereafter mechanical responses are …

08.06.2021 | Article

The response of plasma parameters and energy transport in the plasma sheet to interplanetary magnetic field Bz

We use 9 years data of Cluster to study the dependencies of plasma parameters and energy transport in the plasma sheet on the lasting time of northward/southward interplanetary magnetic field (IMF). The plasma parameters and energy transport in …

08.06.2021 | Article

Data-driven sensor placement for efficient thermal field reconstruction

Complete temperature field estimation from limited local measurements is widely desired in many industrial and scientific applications of thermal engineering. Since the sensor configuration dominates the reconstruction performance, some progress …

07.06.2021 | Article

The nonlinear mechanism for the same responses of neuronal bursting to opposite self-feedback modulations of autapse

In the traditional viewpoint, inhibitory and excitatory effects always induce opposite responses. In the present study, the enhanced bursting activities induced by excitatory autapses, which are consistent with the recent experimental …

03.06.2021 | Article

Mechanical behaviors of polycrystalline NiTi SMAs of various grain sizes under impact loading

This work presents mechanical properties of the NiTi polycrystalline superelastic shape memory alloys (SMA) of 5 different grain sizes under high-speed impacts. The amorphous, nanocrystalline (40, 80, 120 nm) and coarse grain (20 µm) sheets are …

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