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14.06.2019 | Perspective

Challenges and opportunities in chemomechanics of materials: A perspective

Chemomechanics of materials is an exciting and fast growing field where mechanics meets chemistry. This perspective presents a brief overview of recent advance in the study of materials chemomechanics. We identify challenges and opportunities for …

13.06.2019 | Article

Adsorption behaviors of gas molecules on the surface of ZnO nanocrystals under UV irradiation

A UV-activated room temperature chemiresistive gas sensor based on ZnO nanocrystals film was fabricated. Its gas sensing properties under various conditions were also investigated in detail. The results shed new insight into the adsorption …

13.06.2019 | Article

Effect of pore size and porosity distribution on radiation absorption and thermal performance of porous solar energy absorber

In this paper, experimental and numerical study were both conducted to investigate the effect of pore size and porosity distribution on radiation absorption and thermal performance of porous solar energy absorber. Ultraviolet-visible-near infrared …

13.06.2019 | News & Views

How green composite materials could benefit aircraft construction

13.06.2019 | Review

Mobile-robotic machining for large complex components: A review study

Even though the robotic machining has achieved great success in machining of small components, it lacks the competence to machine large complex components, such as wind turbine blade, train carriage, and aircraft wing. In order to cope with this …

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