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10.08.2022 | Article

A quasi-solid-state electrolyte with high ionic conductivity for stable lithium-ion batteries

The practical applications of solid-state electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are hindered by their low ionic conductivity and high interfacial resistance. Herein, an ethoxylated trimethylolpropane triacrylate based quasi-solid-state …

10.08.2022 | Review

Bio-inspired manufacturing of superwetting surfaces for fog collection and anti-icing applications

As a century-old concept, superwettability has aroused the interest of researchers in the past decades, attributed to the discoveries of the mechanisms of special wetting phenomena in nature. Bio-inspired manufacturing of superwetting surfaces for …

10.08.2022 | Review

Intelligent learning model-based skill learning and strategy optimization in robot grinding and polishing

With the rapid advancement of manufacturing in China, robot machining technology has become a popular research subject. An increasing number of robots are currently being used to perform complex tasks during manual operation, e.g., the grinding of …

10.08.2022 | Review

TXV Technology: The cornerstone of 3D system-in-packaging

System-in-packaging (SiP) can realize the integration and miniaturization of electronic devices and it is significant to continue Moore’s law. Through-X-via (TXV) technology is the cornerstone of 3D-SiP, which enables the vertical stacking and …

08.08.2022 | Review

A review of recent advances in machining techniques of complex surfaces

Complex surfaces are widely used in aerospace, energy, and national defense industries. As one of the major means of manufacturing such as complex surfaces, the multi-axis numerical control (NC) machining technique makes much contribution. When …

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