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  1. 2024 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

    5G RAN Anomaly Prediction Using AI and ML

    With advancement in the technology, from 2G to 5G [TS 38.413: 5G NG-RAN; NG Application Protocol (NGAP)], there is a dedicated effort by the operators and the vendors to reduce the outage caused due to various reasons in the field and ensure …

    verfasst von:
    Thiyagarajan Shanmugam, Prakash Nagarajan
    Erschienen in:
    ICT: Innovation and Computing (2024)
  2. Open Access 2023 | Open Access | Buch

    5G and Beyond

    This open-access book aims to highlight the coming surge of 5G network-based applications and predicts that the centralized networks and their current capacity will be incapable of meeting the demands. The book emphasizes the benefits and …

    Springer Tracts in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    Springer Nature Singapore
  3. 2024 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

    DDDAS-Based Learning for Edge Computing at 5G and Beyond 5G

    The emerging and foreseen advancements in 5G and Beyond 5G (B5G) networking infrastructures enhance both communications capabilities and the flexibility of executing computational tasks in a distributed manner, including those encountered in edge …

    verfasst von:
    Temitope Runsewe, Abdurrahman Yavuz, Nurcin Celik, Walid Saad
    Erschienen in:
    Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems (2024)
  4. 2024 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

    Application-Aware Fine-Grained QoS Framework for 5G and Beyond

    In the face of diverse traffic types, existing 5G standards have adopted a flow-based Quality of Service (QoS) framework and introduced dual mapping to enhance resource allocation flexibility. However, the cognitive ability of these standards …

    verfasst von:
    Xi Liu, Yongwei Zhang
    Erschienen in:
    Bio-Inspired Computing: Theories and Applications (2024)
  5. 2024 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

    Research on the Impact of 5G Terminals on Electromagnetic Radiation of 5G Base Stations

    The Ministry of Ecology and Environment released the “5G mobile communication base station electromagnetic radiation environmental monitoring methods (for trial implementation)” (HJ1151-2020) standard in 2020, which specifies the content, methods …

    verfasst von:
    Ye Tian, Hui Kang
    Erschienen in:
    Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems (2024)
  6. 2024 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

    Wideband High-Gain Franklin Antenna Array for 5G Millimeter-Wave Applications

    In this paper, a novel six-element 3 $$\,\times \,$$ × 2 Franklin array antenna is proposed for 5G millimeter-wave applications. Coaxial feed was used to excite the six elements. The parameters of the Franklin array elements are fine-tuned to …

    verfasst von:
    Satish Kumar Duddu, Narayan Rao Palepu, Phani Vishnu Addepalli, Jayendra Kumar
    Erschienen in:
    Evolution in Signal Processing and Telecommunication Networks (2024)
  7. 2024 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

    A Note on 5G Networks: Security Issues, Challenges and Connectivity Approaches

    The “5G” mobile network is expected to achieve the demanding needs of mobile traffic in the twenty-first century and predicted to be the essential architecture for the advance assistance or services (Wang et al. in Trans Emerg Telecommun Technol …

    verfasst von:
    Varun Shukla, Mrinal Kushwaha, Risabh Sharma, Hem Dutt Joshi
    Erschienen in:
    Cryptology and Network Security with Machine Learning (2024)
  8. 01.05.2024 | OriginalPaper

    5G passive optical network employing all optical-OFDM_Hybrid SSMF/FSO

    In this paper, a new 5G Passive Optical Network (5G-PON) employing all-optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (AO-OFDM) is proposed in hybrid bidirectional standard single mode fiber (SSMF)/free space optical (FSO). Additionally, an …

  9. 2024 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

    DDDAS for Optimized Design and Management of 5G and Beyond 5G (6G) Networks

    The technologies vested by the introduction of fifth generation (5G) networks as well as the emerging 6G systems present opportunities for enhanced communication and computational capabilities that will advance many large-scale critical …

    verfasst von:
    Nurcin Celik, Frederica Darema, Temitope Runsewe, Walid Saad, Abdurrahman Yavuz
    Erschienen in:
    Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems (2024)
  10. 2024 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

    5G Millimeter Wave Technology: An Overview

    Wireless communication technology is continually evolving to satisfy the expanding expectations of users. Existing wireless systems will see increased overhead as a result of this. This is reflected in the ongoing development of wireless networks …

    verfasst von:
    Shazia Ashraf, Javaid A. Sheikh, Ayash Ashraf, Umhara Rasool
    Erschienen in:
    Intelligent Signal Processing and RF Energy Harvesting for State of art 5G and B5G Networks (2024)
  11. 25.02.2024 | OriginalPaper

    Spectrum sharing for LTE and 5G-NR coexistence

    Spectrum sharing provides a rapid migration pathway toward 5G by enabling the coexistence of 4G LTE and 5G new radio (NR) that share the same spectrum. Due to significant differences in the LTE and 5G-NR air interfaces, several enablers are …

  12. 2024 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

    Industrial IoT and 5G in Critical Information Infrastructures

    Industrial IoT can revolutionize how products are manufactured, and industrial processes are managed, enabling real-time data collection and analysis. In addition, 5G and industrial IoT can revolutionize industrial companies’ operations by …

    verfasst von:
    Andras Toth
    Erschienen in:
    Critical Infrastructure Protection in the Light of the Armed Conflicts (2024)
  13. 05.10.2023 | 5G | Nachricht | Online-Artikel

    Siemens bietet 5G-Komplettlösung für die Industrie an

    In der vernetzten Produktion spielen 5G-Netze eine Schlüsselrolle. Die 5G-Infrastruktur von Siemens ist speziell auf Automatisierung mit mobilen Robotern, autonomer Logistik oder fahrerlosen Transportsystemen zugeschnitten.

  14. 2024 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

    Advanced Antenna Systems for 5G Mobile Communication

    High-speed wireless communication has become an integral part of our present day to day life. From cellular mobile to satellite or WiMAX to Radio Astronomy, everywhere high-speed wireless data communication is in increasing demand, which was …

    verfasst von:
    Samik Chakraborty, Ayona Chakraborty
    Erschienen in:
    Intelligent Signal Processing and RF Energy Harvesting for State of art 5G and B5G Networks (2024)
  15. 2024 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

    Future of BB-PPDR: Evolution and 5G Security Aspects

    The aim of my research is to show what security challenges the future Unified Digital Radio Communications System (EDR) will face due to the current and future information security environment, the 5G technology to be used, and the possible …

    verfasst von:
    Tamas Zsolt Kardos
    Erschienen in:
    Critical Infrastructure Protection in the Light of the Armed Conflicts (2024)
  16. 2023 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel


    Technologie, Anwendung und Fallstudie einer 5G-Liveproduktion

    Der neue Mobilfunkstandard 5G fungiert als Schlüsseltechnologie, die die Basis für viele Produkt- und Dienstleistungsinnovationen bildet und zur Erschließung neuer Geschäftsfelder bzw. zur Entwicklung neuer Geschäftsmodelle beiträgt. Für die …

    verfasst von:
    Stephan Böhm, Stefan Graser, Jasmin Ebert, Anna-Maria Zeussel, Peter Frantz
    Erschienen in:
    Handlungsraum Media Management (2023)
  17. 11.02.2024 | OriginalPaper

    5G Security Threat Landscape, AI and Blockchain

    The convergence of Fifth Generation (5G) wireless technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) has ushered in a transformative era of enhanced connectivity and services. However, this combination has also introduced a multifaceted security …

  18. 2024 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

    The “Transitioning” from 5G to 6G

    5G has introduced new paradigms of mobile network design and deployment and delivery of new services. Starting with 3GPP Release 15, 5G has evolved with Releases 16 and 17 and now fully supports all the envisioned service scenarios and …

    verfasst von:
    Andrea Detti, Michele Nitti
    Erschienen in:
    The Road towards 6G: Opportunities, Challenges, and Applications (2024)
  19. 02.11.2023 | OriginalPaper

    Beamforming Techniques for MIMO-NOMA for 5G and Beyond 5G: Research Gaps and Future Directions

    Effective sharing of the communication channel among many users, or multiple access (MA) techniques, can play a vital role in meeting the diverse demands of low latency, high reliability, massive connectivity, better fairness, and high throughput.

  20. 2024 | OriginalPaper | Buchkapitel

    Analysis of Power Consumption After Switching to 5G

    A promising new technology, 5G promises a notable improvement in several points, one of these points is the energy part. This study aims to see if this promise is kept in the access network part, and this through the analysis of several radio …

    verfasst von:
    Hamza Ben Makhlouf, Tomader Mazri
    Erschienen in:
    Innovations in Smart Cities Applications Volume 7 (2024)

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