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Security Informatics

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Security Informatics is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen.

Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI) is defined as the "development of advanced information technologies, systems, algorithms, and databases for international, national and homeland security related applications, through an integrated technological, organizational, and policy-based approach" (Chen 2006). The Security Informatics journal will publish peer-reviewed articles in areas relevant to ISI research, from the perspectives of Information Technology/ Informatics and related policy considerations. Paper selection will focus on articles that present innovative research ideas and results, report significant application case studies, provide tutorial surveys, and raise awareness of pressing research and application challenges.

In addition to publishing the highest-quality original security informatics research, Security Informatics is also intended to serve as a bridge between security researchers and practitioners, including both related government agencies and the growing IT-related security industry. The journal provides an excellent opportunity to reach out to an international audience of security-related academic researchers, industry practitioners, and government IT managers and policy makers.

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