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Erschienen in: ATZheavy duty worldwide 3/2019

01.09.2019 | Editorial

Seize the Potential!

Erschienen in: ATZheavy duty worldwide | Ausgabe 3/2019

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A successful transition in energy and mobility requires an international approach. Tomorrow's energy supply and global mobility has to be safe, clean and affordable. For example, although North Africa is one of the most important suppliers of energy to Europe, the prohibitive cost raises doubts that 20 % of European electricity needs will be covered by green electricity from the desert by 2050. However, it could be used there for the production of synthetic fuels that could then be imported comparably cheaply into Europe. This would make low-NO x, low-particle emissions CO 2-neutral fuels available for the mobility sector. The renewable electricity produced in Europe could be mainly used to satisfy stationary energy requirements directly. Such a strategy makes a lot of sense for physical, supply-related and economic reasons. This is particularly true for the construction and agricultural sector as well as for road-based, long-haul goods transport where battery-electric powertrains only make a limited degree of sense. The efforts in China and around the Gulf, where work is already intensively underway on the subjects of e-fuels and hydrogen for use in mobility, demonstrate the relevance and the potential for an internationally coordinated approach. It is therefore very encouraging to see that even the aviation sector is pushing for the introduction of e-fuels and demanding an EU regulation regarding synthetic fuels. This is the only way this process can finally pick up speed. This would also give the mineral oil industry the required planning assurances required to invest in electrolytic technologies. …
Seize the Potential!
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