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12.06.2018 | Empirical article

From retail innovation and image to loyalty: moderating effects of product type

This study aims to analyse value–satisfaction–loyalty relationships in retailing by examining the contribution of image and innovation and understanding value as a multidimensional construct. Furthermore, to identify possible differences in these …

30.05.2018 | Empirical article

A network text analysis of published papers in service business, 2007–2017: research trends in the service sector

The service sector has become the most important part of the global economy. Thus, Service Business: An International Journal (SB) was launched in 2007 to deliver innovative studies that can provide resonating insights to researchers and …

19.05.2018 | Empirical article

Determinants of export performance: differences between service and manufacturing SMEs

We explore the relationships among knowledge sourcing, innovativeness, and export performance of a firm, and investigate how these links differ between service and manufacturing companies. Based on survey data from 4347 East German firms, we …

07.05.2018 | Empirical article

The effect of customer social status and dissatisfaction on service performance

Two studies were conducted to test the impact of customer dissatisfaction and social status on service performance. Study 1 was a scenarios study showing that the negative impact of customer dissatisfaction on self-esteem was stronger for …

26.04.2018 | Empirical article

Investigating a revised service transition concept

This paper seeks empirical validation of a revised conceptual framework of ‘service transition’ that re-interprets the adoption of advanced services by manufacturing firms as a progressive expansion, rather than a shift or migration, of the …

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Service Business presents the most advanced business research on the service sector. International and multidisciplinary in approach, the journal investigates both the profit and non-profit areas of the service sector.

Authors share their experiences in developing, implementing, and evaluating their business decisions and strategies. Moreover, they explore not only the latest research and methodologies in the field, but also examine the theoretical and managerial implications and future research opportunities in the service sector.

The editorial review board, consisting of leading international scholars and practitioners, ensures top-quality content. Readers will find rigorous conceptual and empirical papers, practice-oriented papers, teaching-oriented papers, case studies, book reviews, conference reports, and periodic special issues.

Officially cited as: Serv Bus

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