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Sexuality Research and Social Policy

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Gender Fundamentalism and Heteronormativity in the Political Discussion About Lesbian and Gay Parenthood

In 2016, the Italian Parliament passed a law that extended to same-sex couples most of the rights of married heterosexual couples. However, the possibility of a partner in a same-sex couple adopting the biological children of the other partner was …


Rethinking ‘Risk’ in Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy: the Value of the Reproductive Justice Framework

Using the case of Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy in Aotearoa (New Zealand), this article interrogates the dominant risk discourse in sexual and reproductive health policy. It highlights the tensions between risk discourse and broader …


Associations between Perceived Homophobia, Community Connectedness, and Having a Primary Care Provider among Gay and Bisexual Men

According to the minority stress model and social evaluation theory, stigma increases negative health outcomes in sexual minorities, and those with greater connection to a community appraise their lives with respect to fellow community members.


Mapping the Landscape of Support and Safety Among Sexual Minority Women and Gender Non-conforming Individuals: Perceptions After the 2016 US Presidential Election

As part of a larger online survey, we conducted an Internet-based study that included both qualitative and quantitative data from a national non-probability sample to examine how sexual minority women and gender non-conforming individuals …


Let Us Talk About Sexual Immaturity in Adolescence: Implications for School-Based Sex Education

While rates of sexual activity among adolescents have declined, they remain high among adolescents living in poverty. Risky sexual behaviors are often compounded, placing adolescents at greater risk for increased prevalence of sexual behaviors …

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Sexuality Research and Social Policy is an international forum for the publication of original peer-reviewed state-of-the-art empirical research on sexuality, theoretical and methodological discussions, and the implications of this evidence for policies across the globe regarding sexual health, sexuality education, and sexual rights in diverse communities. This multidisciplinary journal also publishes brief research and conference reports; white papers; book, film, and other reviews; together with guest editorials and commentaries. In addition, Sexuality Research and Social Policy occasionally publishes special issues on timely topics.

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