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Sexuality Research and Social Policy

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Fijian Adolescent Emotional Well-Being and Sexual and Reproductive Health-Seeking Behaviours

This qualitative study explores how adolescents’ emotional experiences drive their sexual practices and health-seeking behaviours in Fiji. Fourteen focus group discussions with 15–19-year-olds and 40 key informants’ interviews with health workers …

11.10.2018 Open Access

Consideration of and Reasons for Not Obtaining Abortion Among Women Entering Prenatal Care in Southern Louisiana and Baltimore, Maryland

Most research about experiences considering and seeking abortion comes from women presenting at abortion clinics. This study examines experiences among women presenting at prenatal care. Five hundred eighty-nine women were recruited at their first …


#sendeanlat (#tellyourstory): Text Analyses of Tweets About Sexual Assault Experiences

On 11 February 2015, a 20-year-old university student, Ozgecan Aslan, was violently murdered in an attempted rape in Mersin, southern Turkey. This event led to a mass Twitter protest in the country. Women across the country started sharing the …


TransAction: A Homegrown, Theory-Based, HIV Risk Reduction Intervention for Transgender Women Experiencing Multiple Health Disparities

HIV vulnerability among transgender women is symptomatic of numerous syndemic psychosocial and structural co-factors that attribute to and exacerbate HIV risk. From February 2010 to December 2017, 514 transgender women enrolled in a “homegrown” …


Political Environment and Perceptions of Social Inclusion After Nationwide Marriage Equality Among Partnered Men Who Have Sex with Men in the USA

The aim of this paper is to examine how nationwide marriage equality and minority stressors are associated with perceptions of social inclusion using a national sample of partnered men who have sex with men (MSM) (n = 498). A four-item scale …

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Sexuality Research and Social Policy is an international forum for the publication of original peer-reviewed state-of-the-art empirical research on sexuality, theoretical and methodological discussions, and the implications of this evidence for policies across the globe regarding sexual health, sexuality education, and sexual rights in diverse communities. This multidisciplinary journal also publishes brief research and conference reports; white papers; book, film, and other reviews; together with guest editorials and commentaries. In addition, Sexuality Research and Social Policy occasionally publishes special issues on timely topics.

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Best Practices für Web-Exzellenz im Online-Handel

Erfolgsbeispiele für erfolgreiche Online-Unternehmen gibt es viele. Best Practices für Web-Exzellenz ergeben sich aus der bestmöglichen Umsetzung der Erfolgsfaktoren, die sie auf der anderen Seite aber auch maßgeblich mit bestimmt haben. Lesen Sie hier, was Sie von den Unternehmen lernen können, die zu Recht als "exzellent" bezeichnet werden können.
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