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Heteronormative Beliefs and Internalized Homonegativity in the Coming Out Process of Portuguese and Turkish Sexual Minority Men

The process of sexual identity development in sexual minority people (e.g., gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual) is complex and entails the experience of cognitive incongruence between expected heterosexuality and the experience of same-sex sexual …


What Do Young, Canadian, Straight and LGBTQ Men and Women Learn About Sex and from Whom?

There is a caricature of middle school students, boys in one room and girls in the other, each receiving their hour of token sex education—actually reproductive biology—on the glories of puberty from a red-faced gym teacher. This caricature exists …


Stigma Resistance Among Sexual Minorities

Public stigma refers to stereotypical beliefs, prejudicial attitudes, and discriminatory behaviors endorsed by the general population toward social minorities (Chan & Fung, in press ). Research shows that public stigma adversely affects sexual …


Geosocial Networking Application Use in Men Who Have Sex with Men: The Role of Adult Attachment

Geosocial networking applications (GSNAs) allow users to connect with other nearby users based on their proximity, and their use has increased rapidly over the past decade among heterosexual individuals and sexual minorities (e.g., Beymer et al. …


Perspectives of Transgender Women Toward Study Recruitment and Retention: Thematic Analysis from Thailand

Transgender women (TW) are among the most vulnerable populations affected by the HIV epidemic, with the HIV prevalence ranging from 0.4 to 24.8% (UNAIDS Data, 2017 ). Compared to the general population, TW are 48.8 times more likely to acquire HIV …

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