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Shape Memory and Superelasticity

Advances in Science and Technology

Shape Memory and Superelasticity OnlineFirst articles


Optimizing Magnetocaloric Properties of Heusler-Type Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys by Tuning Magnetostructural Transformation Parameters

Heusler-type magnetic shape memory alloys show a magnetostructural transformation from the low-magnetization phase to the high-magnetization phase upon the application of external magnetic fields. As a result, these alloys exhibit fascinating …


Fatigue Modeling for Superelastic NiTi Considering Cyclic Deformation and Load Ratio Effects

A cumulative energy-based damage model, called total fatigue toughness, is proposed for fatigue life prediction of superelastic NiTi alloys with various deformation responses (i.e., transformation stresses), which also accounts for the effects of …


Investigation of the Dissolution–Reformation Cycle of the Passive Oxide Layer on NiTi Orthodontic Archwires

Dissolution–reformation cycle of the passive oxide layer on the nickel–titanium (NiTi) orthodontic archwires was investigated, which has recently been recognized as one of the key parameters dictating the biocompatibility of archwires.


Inertia-Controlled Twinning in Ni–Mn–Ga Actuators: A Discrete Twin-Boundary Dynamics Study

A discrete twin-boundary modeling approach is applied for simulating the dynamic magnetomechanical response of a Ni–Mn–Ga actuator over a wide frequency range. The model is based on experimentally measured kinetic relation of individual twin …

19.07.2017 | Preface

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The Shape Memory and Superelasticity journal invites original peer-reviewed papers that focus on shape memory materials research with contributions from materials science, materials engineering, experimental and theoretical mechanics, mathematics and physics. Of particular interest is to understand the response of these materials to external stimuli such as force, displacement, temperature, magnetic fields, irradiation, corrosive media and so on in pursuit of uncovering new phenomenon, new materials and new applications as follows: (i) the journal papers will examine these materials utilizing the principles of continuum mechanics, micromechanics, microstructuraly informed constitutive modeling, atomistic models, mathematics of microstructures and other methodologies. (ii) the development and use of advanced experimental techniques to expose and understand the shape memory response including thermal and mechanical cycling, application of magnetic and other external fields, (iii) the exploration and further understanding of shape memory materials due to fatigue, fracture and environmental factors are of significant interest, (iv) novel applications of the materials will be explored in all areas including bio-medical devices, actuators, thin films, robotics, mechanical and aerospace engineering components, civil engineering structures, and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).

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