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Small Business Economics 1/2022
Small Business Economics

Ausgabe 1/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (30 Artikel)

Open Access 08.06.2021

Publishing in Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal
David B. Audretsch, Christina Guenther, Adam Lederer

Open Access 30.10.2021

David B. Audretsch: Clarivate Citation Laureate 2021
Christina Guenther, Erik E. Lehmann


Small business economics journal editor of the year award
Zoltan Acs for the Editors of Small Business Economics Journal
Zoltan Acs

Open Access 20.08.2021

John Haltiwanger: recipient of the 2020 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research
Alex Coad, Martin Andersson, Magnus Henrekson, Sarah Jack, Mikael Stenkula, Karin Thorburn, Karl Wennberg, Ivo Zander

Open Access 05.10.2021

Entrepreneurship in the twenty-first century
John Haltiwanger


Overcoming the liability of poorness: disadvantage, fragility, and the poverty entrepreneur
Michael H. Morris, Donald F. Kuratko, David B. Audretsch, Susana Santos


Age effect on entry to entrepreneurship: embedded in life expectancy
Kent Adsbøll Wickstrøm, Kim Klyver, Maryam Cheraghi-Madsen


Non-employer establishments and economic development in counties: evidence from cross-border neighbor county-pairs in the US
Pankaj C. Patel, Srikant Devaraj


Of free markets and a secular mind: the value of economic decentralization and individual secular values in entrepreneurship
Pankaj C. Patel, Marcus T. Wolfe


Uncertainty, entrepreneurship, and the organization of corruption
Yuan Wang


Does gender still matter? An examination of small business performance
Kip Kiefer, Mark Heileman, Timothy L. Pett

Open Access 23.09.2020

Social trust and new firm formation: a regional perspective
Carlo Corradini

Open Access 07.10.2020

Male and female entrepreneurs’ employment growth ambitions: the contingent role of regulatory efficiency
Pourya Darnihamedani, Siri Terjesen


Startups, relocation, and firm performance: a transaction cost economics perspective
In Hyeock (Ian) Lee


The elusive quest for high-growth firms in Africa: when other metrics of performance say nothing
Florian Léon


Organizational capabilities and SME exports: the moderating role of external funding intentions and managerial capacity
Ko Wai Wai, Catherine Liston-Heyes, Weixi Liu, Gordon Liu, Marc Cowling


Committed to the venture or the family? A study of entrepreneurial persistence in distressed ventures
Karlien Coppens, Mirjam Knockaert

Open Access 17.10.2020

Are cooperative firms more agile? A contingency perspective on small and medium-sized enterprises in agglomerations and peripheral areas
Elisabeth F. Mueller, Carola Jungwirth


The persistence and dynamics of new venture growth
Yan Chen, Michael Song

Open Access 04.11.2020

Does team diversity really matter? The connection between networks, access to financial resources, and performance in the context of university spin-offs
Petra Moog, Christian Soost

Open Access 12.11.2020

Corporate taxes and high-quality entrepreneurship
Ana Venâncio, Victor Barros, Clara Raposo

Open Access 02.11.2020

Procurement policy and SME participation in public purchasing
Bernard Hoekman, Bedri Kamil Onur Taş


Self-employment in the EU: quality work, precarious work or both?
Smaranda Pantea

Open Access 25.02.2021

Experts in the crowd and their influence on herding in reward-based crowdfunding of cultural projects
Aurélien Petit, Peter Wirtz


Regional entrepreneurship and innovation: historical roots and the impact on the growth of regions
Alfredo Del Monte, Sara Moccia, Luca Pennacchio

Open Access 16.12.2020

Whom do nascent ventures search for? Resource scarcity and linkage formation activities during new product development processes
Andrea M. Herrmann, Cornelia Storz, Lukas Held


CEOs’ religiosity and corporate green initiatives
Hakaru Iguchi, Hajime Katayama, Junichi Yamanoi


Initial external knowledge sources and start-up growth
Stephan Weemaes, Johan Bruneel, Ann Gaeremynck, Jonas Debrulle

Open Access 07.01.2021

Strong client orientation, little leverage in nonprofit firms?
Alessandro Fedele, Raffaele Miniaci, Ermanno Tortia


What happens in criminal firms after godfather management removal? Judicial administration and firms’ performance
Francesca M. Calamunci

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