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Small Business Economics

Small Business Economics 3/2021

Ausgabe 3/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 26 Artikel )

04.02.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

The great divides in social entrepreneurship and where they lead us

Michael H. Morris, Susana C. Santos, Donald F. Kuratko

03.03.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

Entrepreneurship in public organizations: the role of leadership behavior

Mehmet Akif Demircioglu, Farzana Chowdhury

13.03.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

Debt aversion, education, and credit self-rationing in SMEs

Hang Thu Nguyen, Hiep Manh Nguyen, Michael Troege, Anh T. H. Nguyen

22.04.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

Growth paths and routes to exit: 'shadow of death' effects for new firms in Japan

Alex Coad, Masatoshi Kato

14.04.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021 Open Access

Prescription opioids and new business establishments

Cornelius A. Rietveld, Pankaj C. Patel

12.10.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021 Open Access

Employment effects of payroll tax subsidies

Matthias Collischon, Kamila Cygan-Rehm, Regina T. Riphahn

08.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021 Open Access

The regional employment effects of new social firm entry

Habib Kachlami, Per Davidsson, Martin Obschonka, Darush Yazdanfar, Anders Lundström

20.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

Estimating the uncertainty–R&D investment relationship and its interactions with firm size

Seong-Hoon Cho, Jaimin Lee

28.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

Stereotypes about academic entrepreneurs and their negotiation counterparts’ collaborative behavior

Lu Zhang, Young Rok Choi, Hao Zhao

06.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

Impact evaluation of business development grants on SME performance

Stjepan Srhoj, Michal Lapinski, Janette Walde

28.04.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021 Open Access

A decade of research on the genetics of entrepreneurship: a review and view ahead

Cornelius A. Rietveld, Eric A.W. Slob, A. Roy Thurik

29.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021 Open Access

Firm size and growth barriers: a data-driven approach

Johan Karlsson

16.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

Where do we go? VC firm heterogeneity and the exit routes of newly listed high-tech firms

Diego Useche, Sophie Pommet

04.07.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

What money cannot buy: a new approach to measure venture capital ability to add non-financial resources

Anita Quas, Jose Martí, Carmelo Reverte

05.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

Informality, regulation and productivity: do small firms escape EPL through shadow employment?

Giovanna Vallanti, Giuseppina Gianfreda

08.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

The impact of the third sector of R&D on the innovative performance of entrepreneurial firms

Albert N. Link, Cody A. Morris, Martijn van Hasselt

24.04.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

Going public with public money

Albert N. Link, Martijn van Hasselt, Silvio Vismara

18.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021 Open Access

Entrepreneurial homeworkers

Nam Kyoon N. Kim, Simon C. Parker

02.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

Employee compensation and new venture performance: does benefit type matter?

Christopher J. Boudreaux

04.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

Export promotion programs, export capabilities, and risk management practices of internationalized SMEs

Alexis Catanzaro, Christine Teyssier

13.05.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021 Open Access

How do banks interact with fintech startups?

Lars Hornuf, Milan F. Klus, Todor S. Lohwasser, Armin Schwienbacher

15.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

Effects of self-employment on hospitalizations: instrumental variables analysis of social security data

Judite Gonçalves, Pedro S. Martins

11.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021 Open Access

Formal and informal financing decisions of small businesses

Bach Nguyen, Nguyen Phuc Canh

15.08.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

Labor flows across firm size, age, and economic sector in Colombia vs. the United States

Luz A. Flórez, Leonardo Fabio Morales, Daniel Medina, José Lobo

16.06.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2021

The entrepreneurial gains from market integration in the new EU member states

Nebojša Stojčić, Ivan-Damir Anić, Tonći Svilokos

26.03.2021 | Correction | Ausgabe 3/2021

Correction to: Entrepreneurship capital spillovers at the local level

José Luis Massón-Guerra, Pedro Ortín-Ángel

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