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Small Business Economics 4/2022
Small Business Economics

Ausgabe 4/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (25 Artikel)

Open Access 29.03.2021

Initial coin offerings, information disclosure, and fraud
Lars Hornuf, Theresa Kück, Armin Schwienbacher

Open Access 03.08.2021

Soft and hard information in equity crowdfunding: network effects in the digitalization of entrepreneurial finance
Saul Estrin, Susanna Khavul, Mike Wright


Women in the boardroom: a bottom–up approach to the trickle-down effect
Anaïs Périlleux, Ariane Szafarz

Open Access 01.04.2021

Signalling entrepreneurs’ credibility and project quality for crowdfunding success: cases from the Kickstarter and Indiegogo environments
Shuangfa Huang, David Pickernell, Martina Battisti, Thang Nguyen


Bank failures, local business dynamics, and government policy
Salvador Contreras, Manthos D. Delis, Amit Ghosh, Iftekhar Hasan


The early impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on business sales
Robert Fairlie, Frank M. Fossen

Open Access 14.05.2021

Evolutionary entrepreneurial ecosystems: a research pathway
Daniel Sunghwan Cho, Paul Ryan, Giulio Buciuni


Short-term financial constraints and SMEs’ investment decision: evidence from the working capital channel
Théo Nicolas


Are SMEs less efficient? A Bayesian approach to addressing heterogeneity across firms
Antonio Arbelo, Marta Arbelo-Pérez, Pilar Pérez-Gómez


Remittances, ethnic diversity, and entrepreneurship in developing countries
R. Isil Yavuz, Berrak Bahadir


Barriers to innovation and innovation performance: the mediating role of external knowledge search in emerging economies
Rui Torres de Oliveira, Simona Gentile-Lüdecke, Sandra Figueira


Are there wages from “sin”? Working conditions spillover from paying bribe in Vietnam
Uchenna EFOBI, Xuan VINH VO, Emmanuel ORKOH


Business failure and institutions in entrepreneurship: a systematic review and research agenda
Chong Kyoon Lee, Johan Wiklund, Alejandro Amezcua, Tae Jun Bae, Almantas Palubinskas

Open Access 22.06.2021

Necessity or opportunity? Government size, tax policy, corruption, and implications for entrepreneurship
David B. Audretsch, Maksim Belitski, Farzana Chowdhury, Sameeksha Desai

Open Access 26.04.2021

Who shuns entrepreneurship journals? Why? And what should we do about it?
Alex Stewart


Entrepreneur fund-seeking: toward a theory of funding fit in the era of equity crowdfunding
Regan Stevenson, Sean R. McMahon, Chaim Letwin, Michael P. Ciuchta

Open Access 01.06.2021

Entrepreneurial learning in online communities
Peter Kalum Schou, Eliane Bucher, Matthias Waldkirch

Open Access 15.06.2021

Cognitive financial constraints and firm growth
Jun Du, Bach Nguyen


Stickiness of entrepreneurs: an exploratory study of migration in two mid-sized US cities
Yasuyuki Motoyama, Sameeksha Desai

Open Access 13.05.2021

Ecosystem dynamics: exploring the interplay within fintech entrepreneurial ecosystems
Ahmad Alaassar, Anne-Laure Mention, Tor Helge Aas


Innovation ambidexterity, resource configuration and firm growth: is smallness a liability or an asset?
Young Rok Choi, Seongwook Ha, Youngbae Kim

Open Access 08.09.2021

Does working at a start-up pay off?
Daniel Fackler, Lisa Hölscher, Claus Schnabel, Antje Weyh


Does personality matter? Small business owners and modes of innovation
Petrik Runst, Jörg Thomä


The effects of venture capital investments on industrial innovative opportunities and technological arbitrage opportunities
Fangqing Wei, Yi Yang, Yao Chen, Feng Yang


Angel investors: the impact of regret from missed opportunities
Jeffrey Sohl

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