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29.05.2020 Open Access

Firm size and growth barriers: a data-driven approach

This article aims to capture the relationship between perceived growth barriers and firm size. This aim is pursued by developing a novel data-driven identification strategy that assigns firm size groups based on their statistical relationships to …


Stereotypes about academic entrepreneurs and their negotiation counterparts’ collaborative behavior

This study examines the stereotypes associated with academic entrepreneurs (AEs) and their negotiation counterparts’ consequential collaborative behavior. A pilot study of in-depth interviews with 10 AEs showed that AEs considered their …


Estimating the uncertainty–R&D investment relationship and its interactions with firm size

This paper investigates the uncertainty–research and development (R&D) investment relationship and its interactions with firm size by allowing flexibility in the relationships among uncertainty, R&D investment, and firm size. We hypothesize that …

18.05.2020 Open Access

Entrepreneurial homeworkers

Nearly 40% of British self-employees are homeworkers. Using a large representative sample of the UK longitudinal survey data, we explore the determinants of self-employed homeworking, distinguishing between genders. We reject the notion that …


Where do we go? VC firm heterogeneity and the exit routes of newly listed high-tech firms

In this paper, we study how the support of heterogeneous venture capital firms (VCs), that is: independent venture capital firms (IVCs), bank-affiliated venture capital firms (BVCs), and corporate venture capital firms (CVCs), shapes the delisting …

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