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Social Choice and Welfare 3/2022
Social Choice and Welfare

Ausgabe 3/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (7 Artikel)

Open Access 20.09.2021 | Original Paper

Lower and upper bound estimates of inequality of opportunity for emerging economies
Paul Hufe, Andreas Peichl, Daniel Weishaar

23.09.2021 | Original Paper

The pivotal mechanism versus the voluntary contribution mechanism: an experimental comparison
Tatsuki Homma, Ryosuke Iba, Junyi Shen, Takuma Wakayama, Hirofumi Yamamura, Takehiko Yamato

Open Access 16.10.2021 | Original Paper

Poisson voting games under proportional rule
Francesco De Sinopoli, Claudia Meroni

Open Access 19.10.2021 | Original Paper

Optimizing voting order on sequential juries: a median voter theorem and beyond
Steve Alpern, Bo Chen

20.10.2021 | Original Paper

Axiomatization of the counting rule for cost-sharing with possibly redundant items
Gildas Sédry Fopa, Issofa Moyouwou, Joseph Siani

23.10.2021 | Original Paper

Campaign finance and welfare when contributions are spent on mobilizing voters
Oskar Nupia, Francisco Eslava

27.10.2021 | Original Paper

Voting on sanctioning institutions in open and closed communities: experimental evidence
Ramón Cobo-Reyes, Gabriel Katz, Thomas Markussen, Simone Meraglia

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