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Social Choice and Welfare 3/2022
Social Choice and Welfare

Ausgabe 3/2022


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28.03.2022 | Original Paper

Endogenous timing in three-player Tullock contests
Kyung Hwan Baik, Jong Hwa Lee, Seokho Lee

01.04.2022 | Original Paper

Round-robin tournaments with limited resources
Dmitry Dagaev, Andrey Zubanov

Open Access 02.04.2022 | Original Paper

Collective choice rules on restricted domains based on a priori information
Shashwat Khare, Ton Storcken

04.04.2022 | Original Paper

Sharing rules for a common-pool resource in a lab experiment
Benjamin Ouvrard, Stefan Ambec, Arnaud Reynaud, Stéphane Cezera, Murudaiah Shivamurthy

19.04.2022 | Original Paper

On the importance of reduced games in axiomatizing core extensions
Camelia Bejan, Juan Camilo Gómez, Anne van den Nouweland

Open Access 20.04.2022 | Original Paper

Habit formation and the pareto-efficient provision of public goods
Thomas Aronsson, Ronnie Schöb

07.05.2022 | Original Paper

Electoral Institutions with impressionable voters
Costel Andonie, Daniel Diermeier

16.05.2022 | Original Paper

The Burning Coalition Bargaining Model
Marco Rogna

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