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05.01.2019 | Original Paper

An axiomatic characterization of a class of rank mobility measures

In this paper we provide an axiomatic characterization of a total preorder for assessing the mobility associated with any pair of rankings relative to a same group by means of a new class of rank-mobility measures. These measures constitute a …

03.01.2019 | Original Paper

Strategy-proof location of public bads in an interval

We consider collective decision rules placing finitely many public bads in a region, modeled by a line segment. Agents’ preferences are lexicographic extensions (lexmin) of Euclidean single dipped preferences on this interval. The class of all …

02.01.2019 | Original Paper

Egalitarianism, utilitarianism, and the Nash bargaining solution

A bargaining solution satisfies egalitarian–utilitarian monotonicity (EUM) if the following holds under feasible-set-expansion: a decrease in the value of the Rawlsian (resp. utilitarian) objective is accompanied by an increase in the value of the …

17.12.2018 | Original Paper Open Access

An axiomatic characterization of the Borda mean rule

A social dichotomy function maps a collection of weak orders to a set of dichotomous weak orders. Every dichotomous weak order partitions the set of alternatives into approved alternatives and disapproved alternatives. The Borda mean rule returns …

12.12.2018 | Original Paper Open Access

The space of all proportional voting systems and the most majoritarian among them

We present an alternative voting system that aims at bridging the gap between proportional representative systems and majoritarian electoral systems. The system lets people vote for multiple party-lists, but then assigns each ballot paper to a …

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Social Choice and Welfare explores all aspects, both normative and positive, of welfare economics, collective choice, and strategic interaction. Topics include but are not limited to: preference aggregation, welfare criteria, fairness, justice and equity, rights, inequality and poverty measurement, voting and elections, political games, coalition formation, public goods, mechanism design, networks, matching, optimal taxation, cost-benefit analysis, computational social choice, judgement aggregation, market design, behavioral welfare economics, subjective well-being studies and experimental investigations related to social choice and voting. As such, the journal is inter-disciplinary and cuts across the boundaries of economics, political science, philosophy, and mathematics. Articles on choice and order theory that include results that can be applied to the above topics are also included in the journal. While it emphasizes theory, the journal also publishes empirical work in the subject area reflecting cross-fertilizing between theoretical and empirical research. Readers will find original research articles, surveys, and book reviews.

"The support of the Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche through the Centre de Recherches en Economie Mathématique et en Econométrie de l'Université de Caen is gratefully acknowledged."

Officially cited as: Soc Choice Welf

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Wieviel digitale Transformation steckt im Informationsmanagement? Zum Zusammenspiel eines etablierten und eines neuen Managementkonzepts

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