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Soft Computing

Soft Computing 16/2018

Ausgabe 16/2018

Special Issue on Optimization and decision-making with big data

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 29 Artikel )

26.06.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 16/2018

Optimization and decision-making with big data

Xiang Li, Xiaofeng Xu

14.11.2017 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018 Open Access

Impact of healthcare insurance on medical expense in China: new evidence from meta-analysis

Jian Chai, Limin Xing, Youhong Zhou, Shuo Li, K. K. Lai, Shouyang Wang

04.12.2017 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Modified bat algorithm based on covariance adaptive evolution for global optimization problems

Xian Shan, Huijin Cheng

29.11.2017 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

The impacts of private risk aversion magnitude and moral hazard in R&D project under uncertain environment

Yiping Fu, Zhihua Chen, Yanfei Lan

29.11.2017 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Supporting consumer’s purchase decision: a method for ranking products based on online multi-attribute product ratings

Zhi-Ping Fan, Yang Xi, Yang Liu

26.12.2017 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Effect of risk attitude on outsourcing leadership preferences with demand uncertainty

Huiru Chen, Yingchen Yan, Zhibing Liu, Tiantian Xing

16.12.2017 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Value-at-risk forecasts by dynamic spatial panel GJR-GARCH model for international stock indices portfolio

Wei-Guo Zhang, Guo-Li Mo, Fang Liu, Yong-Jun Liu

23.12.2017 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Case-based reasoning with optimized weight derived by particle swarm optimization for software effort estimation

Dengsheng Wu, Jianping Li, Chunbing Bao

29.01.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Dynamic analysis for Governance–Pollution model with education promoting control

Jiaorui Li, Siqi Yu

22.02.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

A combined neural network model for commodity price forecasting with SSA

Jue Wang, Xiang Li

09.02.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

International investing in uncertain financial market

Yi Zhang, Jinwu Gao, Qi An

10.03.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

A novel multi-attribute group decision-making method based on the MULTIMOORA with linguistic evaluations

Xi Chen, Liu Zhao, Haiming Liang

01.02.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Evaluation research on commercial bank counterparty credit risk management based on new intuitionistic fuzzy method

Qian Liu, Chong Wu, Lingyan Lou

29.01.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

A novel hybrid decision support system for thyroid disease forecasting

Waheed Ahmad, Ayaz Ahmad, Chuncheng Lu, Barkat Ali Khoso, Lican Huang

12.02.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

A bi-level optimization model of LRP in collaborative logistics network considered backhaul no-load cost

Xiaofeng Xu, Yao Zheng, Lean Yu

22.02.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Measuring and forecasting the volatility of USD/CNY exchange rate with multi-fractal theory

Limei Sun, Lina Zhu, Alec Stephenson, Jinyu Wang

27.02.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Affordable levels of house prices using fuzzy linear regression analysis: the case of Shanghai

Jian Zhou, Hui Zhang, Yujie Gu, Athanasios A. Pantelous

01.03.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

What is the value of an online retailer sharing demand forecast information?

Jinlou Zhao, Hui Zhu, Shuang Zheng

03.03.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Credibility support vector machines based on fuzzy outputs

Chao Wang, Xiaowei Liu, Minghu Ha, Ting Zhao

20.03.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

A novel two-sided matching decision method for technological knowledge supplier and demander considering the network collaboration effect

Jing Han, Bin Li, Haiming Liang, Kin Keung Lai

19.03.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Managerial compensation and research and development investment in a two-period agency setting

Zhiying Zhao, Guoqing Yang, Jianmin Xu

22.03.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Intervention strategies for false information on two-layered networks in public crisis by numerical simulations

Xiaoxia Zhu, Mengmeng Liu

26.03.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

The coordination mechanisms of emergency inventory model under supply disruptions

Jiaguo Liu, Huan Zhou, Junjin Wang

04.04.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Evolutionary many-objective optimization based on linear assignment problem transformations

Luis Miguel Antonio, José A. Molinet Berenguer, Carlos A. Coello Coello

11.04.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Multiple-attribute decision-making method based on hesitant fuzzy linguistic Muirhead mean aggregation operators

Peide Liu, Ying Li, Maocong Zhang, Li Zhang, Juan Zhao

21.05.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Sustainability evaluation of the supply chain with undesired outputs and dual-role factors based on double frontier network DEA

Yi Su, Wei Sun

04.06.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Project portfolio selection based on synergy degree of composite system

LiBiao Bai, Hongliang Chen, Qi Gao, Wei Luo

11.06.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

Balancing strategic contributions and financial returns: a project portfolio selection model under uncertainty

Yuntao Guo, Lin Wang, Suike Li, Zhi Chen, Yin Cheng

19.06.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 16/2018

An optimal model using data envelopment analysis for uncertainty metrics in reliability

Tianpei Zu, Rui Kang, Meilin Wen, Yi Yang

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