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Soft Computing

Soft Computing 2/2017

Ausgabe 2/2017

Special Issue on Soft Computing for Knowledge Management and Web Applications

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 20 Artikel )

01.01.2017 | Editorial | Ausgabe 2/2017

Special issue on soft computing for knowledge management and web applications

Chang-Shing Lee, Hung-Yu Kao

25.09.2014 | Focus | Ausgabe 2/2017

Particle swarm optimization algorithm with environmental factors for clustering analysis

Wei Song, Wei Ma, Yingying Qiao

18.02.2015 | Focus | Ausgabe 2/2017

Heuristic procedures for improving the predictability of a genetic programming financial forecasting algorithm

Michael Kampouridis, Fernando E. B. Otero

26.03.2015 | Focus | Ausgabe 2/2017

Exploring lexical, syntactic, and semantic features for Chinese textual entailment in NTCIR RITE evaluation tasks

Wei-Jie Huang, Chao-Lin Liu

07.03.2015 | Focus | Ausgabe 2/2017

An empirical study on evaluating basic characteristics and adaptability to users of a preventive care system with learning communication robots

Daisuke Kitakoshi, Takuya Okano, Masato Suzuki

03.04.2015 | Focus | Ausgabe 2/2017

Feature-driven linguistic-based entity matching in linked data with application in pharmacy

Parisa D. Hossein Zadeh, Mahsa D. Hossein Zadeh, Marek Z. Reformat

12.03.2015 | Focus | Ausgabe 2/2017

Ontologies in engineering: the OntoDB/OntoQL platform

Yamine Ait-Ameur, Mickaël Baron, Ladjel Bellatreche, Stéphane Jean, Eric Sardet

05.05.2015 | Focus | Ausgabe 2/2017

A semantic frame-based intelligent agent for topic detection

Yung-Chun Chang, Yu-Lun Hsieh, Cen-Chieh Chen, Wen-Lian Hsu

23.08.2016 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 2/2017

SLMBC: spiral life cycle model-based Bayesian classification technique for efficient software fault prediction and classification

Rajaganapathy Chinna Gounder Dhanajayan, Subramani Appavu Pillai

25.01.2016 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 2/2017

A trust model for recommender agent systems

Elham Majd, Vimala Balakrishnan

02.02.2016 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 2/2017

A novel path planning algorithm based on plant growth mechanism

Yaoming Zhou, Yongchao Wang, Xuzhi Chen, Lei Zhang, Kan Wu

23.07.2015 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 2/2017

Seam warping: a new approach for image retargeting for small displays

Lixia Zhang, Kangshun Li, Zhaoming Ou, Fubin Wang

18.07.2015 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 2/2017

New third-order Newton-like method with lower iteration number and lower TNFE

Pantelimon George Popescu, Radu Poenaru, Florin Pop

29.07.2015 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 2/2017

A three-stage global optimization method for server selection in content delivery networks

Ting Wang, Junde Song, Meina Song

29.07.2015 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 2/2017

Nature-inspired metaheuristic multivariate adaptive regression splines for predicting refrigeration system performance

Min-Yuan Cheng, Jui-Sheng Chou, Minh-Tu Cao

21.07.2015 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 2/2017

Modified EMG-based handgrip force prediction using extreme learning machine

Hongxin Cao, Shouqian Sun, Kejun Zhang

07.08.2015 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 2/2017

Finite life span for improving the selection scheme in evolution strategies

Ali Ahrari, Oliver Kramer

05.08.2015 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 2/2017

Loss evaluation analysis of illegal attack in SCSKP

Peng Zhang, Lei Liu, Rui Zhang, Guangli Li

06.08.2015 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 2/2017

Day-ahead electricity price forecasting using WPT, GMI and modified LSSVM-based S-OLABC algorithm

H. Shayeghi, A. Ghasemi, M. Moradzadeh, M. Nooshyar

25.07.2015 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 2/2017

Hypoglycemia detection: multiple regression-based combinational neural logic approach

Sai Ho Ling, Phyo Phyo San, Hak Keung Lam, Hung T. Nguyen

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