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Soft Computing

Soft Computing 23/2018

Ausgabe 23/2018

Special Issue on Advances in Applying Soft Computing Techniques for Big Data and Cloud Computing

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 29 Artikel )

16.10.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 23/2018

Advances in applying soft computing techniques for big data and cloud computing

B. B. Gupta, Dharma P. Agrawal, Shingo Yamaguchi, Michael Sheng

14.05.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

An efficient and secure searchable public key encryption scheme with privacy protection for cloud storage

Libing Wu, Biwen Chen, Sherali Zeadally, Debiao He

10.05.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

Dimension reduction in radio maps based on the supervised kernel principal component analysis

Bing Jia, Baoqi Huang, Hepeng Gao, Wuyungerile Li

09.06.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

Concurrent workflow budget- and deadline-constrained scheduling in heterogeneous distributed environments

Naqin Zhou, FuFang Li, Kefu Xu, Deyu Qi

16.05.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018 Open Access

Verifiable privacy-preserving single-layer perceptron training scheme in cloud computing

Xiaoyu Zhang, Xiaofeng Chen, Jianfeng Wang, Zhihui Zhan, Jin Li

22.06.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018 Open Access

Incentive-driven attacker for corrupting two-party protocols

Yilei Wang, Roberto Metere, Huiyu Zhou, Guanghai Cui, Tao Li

24.07.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

A new container scheduling algorithm based on multi-objective optimization

Bo Liu, Pengfei Li, Weiwei Lin, Na Shu, Yin Li, Victor Chang

20.07.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

Ciphertext retrieval via attribute-based FHE in cloud computing

Yong Ding, Bo Han, Huiyong Wang, Xiumin Li

01.08.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

Efficient and secure big data storage system with leakage resilience in cloud computing

Yinghui Zhang, Menglei Yang, Dong Zheng, Pengzhen Lang, Axin Wu, Chen Chen

16.08.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018 Open Access

A self-feedback strategy differential evolution with fitness landscape analysis

Ying Huang, Wei Li, Chengtian Ouyang, Yan Chen

17.08.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

A comparative performance analysis of evolutionary algorithms on -median and facility location problems

Xue Peng, Xiaoyun Xia, Rong Zhu, Lei Lin, Huimin Gao, Pei He

14.09.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

A virtual cluster embedding approach by coordinating virtual network and software-defined network

Yusong Tan, Rongzhen Li, Qingbo Wu, Jianfeng Zhang

29.08.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

Online handwritten signature verification using feature weighting algorithm relief

Li Yang, Yuting Cheng, Xianmin Wang, Qiang Liu

20.09.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

Face pose estimation based on kernelized maximum separability

Xiao-Zhang Liu, Yu-Wei Li

06.09.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

External archive matching strategy for MOEA/D

Feng Wang, Heng Zhang, Yixuan Li, Yaoyu Zhao, Qi Rao

10.09.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

Toward biology-inspired solutions for routing problems of wireless sensor networks with mobile sink

Nan Jiang, Yuan Cheng, Jie Zhou, Tianqing Zhou, Weixin Xu, Dong Xu

05.09.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

A generic optimization method of multivariate systems on graphic processing units

Guohong Liao, Zheng Gong, Zheng Huang, Weidong Qiu

04.09.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

Research on QoS service composition based on coevolutionary genetic algorithm

Yuanzhang Li, Jingjing Hu, Zhuozhuo Wu, Chen Liu, Feifei Peng, Yu Zhang

06.09.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 23/2018

A bibliometric analysis of text mining in medical research

Tianyong Hao, Xieling Chen, Guozheng Li, Jun Yan

02.02.2018 | Foundations | Ausgabe 23/2018

Cooperation of improved HK networks based on prisoner dilemma game

Yunsheng Deng, Ping Miao, Hongyong Yang

07.02.2018 | Foundations | Ausgabe 23/2018

P-closure ideals in BCI-algebras

Hosain Moussaei, Habib Harizavi, Rajab Ali Borzooei

23.02.2018 | Foundations | Ausgabe 23/2018

A class of belief structures based on possibility measures

Ronald R. Yager

12.08.2017 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 23/2018

Enhancing differential evolution with interactive information

Li Ming Zheng, Lu Liu, Sheng Xin Zhang, Shao Yong Zheng

05.08.2017 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 23/2018

Adaptive parameter control of search group algorithm using fuzzy logic applied to networked control systems

Seyedeh Fa’ezeh Hosseini Noorbin, Alireza Alfi

03.08.2017 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 23/2018

Efficient subtree-based encryption for fuzzy-entity data sharing

Weiran Liu, Jianwei Liu, Qianhong Wu, Bo Qin, David Naccache, Houda Ferradi

31.07.2017 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 23/2018

Checking virtual machine kernel control-flow integrity using a page-level dynamic tracing approach

Dongyang Zhan, Lin Ye, Binxing Fang, Hongli Zhang, Xiaojiang Du

04.08.2017 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 23/2018 Open Access

SSAM: toward Supervised Sentiment and Aspect Modeling on different levels of labeling

Esmaeil Zahedi, Mohamad Saraee

05.05.2018 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 23/2018

Innovative Savonius rotors evolved by genetic algorithm based on 2D-DCT encoding

Qianwei Zhou, Zhang Xu, Shengyong Cheng, Yujiao Huang, Jie Xiao

03.08.2018 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 23/2018

A hybrid symbiotic organisms search and simulated annealing technique applied to efficient design of PID controller for automatic voltage regulator

Emre Çelik, Nihat Öztürk

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