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Soft Computing

Soft Computing 3/2005

Ausgabe 3/2005

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 7 Artikel )

01.03.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Continuous approximations of product implication in MV-algebras with product

F. Montagna, L. Spada

01.03.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

A model of granular data: a design problem with the Tchebyschev FCM

A. Bargiela, W. Pedrycz

01.03.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

On measuring μ-T-inconditionality of fuzzy relations

L. Garmendia, A. Salvador, E. Trillas, C. Moraga

01.03.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

MILA – multilevel immune learning algorithm and its application to anomaly detection

D. Dasgupta, S. Yu, N. S. Majumdar

01.03.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

An adaptive fuzzy strategy for motion control of robot manipulators

A. Chatterjee, K. Watanabe

01.03.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Soft computing for crisis management and political decision making: the use of genetically evolved fuzzy cognitive maps

A. S. Andreou, N. H. Mateou, G. A. Zombanakis

01.03.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Parameter determination for a generalized fuzzy model

M. F. Azeem, M. Hanmandlu, N. Ahmad

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