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Soft Computing

Soft Computing 5/2004

Ausgabe 5/2004

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 9 Artikel )

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 5/2004

Special Issue on Evolvable Hardware

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 5/2004

Evolutionary design and adaptation of high performance digital filters within an embedded reconfigurable fault tolerant hardware platform

B. I. Hounsell, T. Arslan, R. Thomson

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 5/2004

Routine automated synthesis of five patented analog circuits using genetic programming

J. R. Koza, M. A. Keane, M. J. Streeter

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 5/2004

Evolving antennas in-situ

D. S. Linden

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 5/2004

Digital filter design using multiple pareto fronts

T. Schnier, X. Yao, P. Liu

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 5/2004

Controllable decoding for automated analog circuit structure design

H. Shibata, A. Stoica, N. Fujii

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 5/2004

Evolvable hardware techniques for on-chip automated reconfiguration of programmable devices

A. Stoica, R. S. Zebulum, D. Keymeulen, M. I. Ferguson, V. Duong, X. Guo

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 5/2004

Note on the relationship between probabilistic and fuzzy clustering

W. Shitong, K. F. Chung, S. Hongbin, Z. Ruiqiang

01.04.2004 | Ausgabe 5/2004

Improved generalized neuron model for short-term load forecasting

D. K. Chaturvedi, M. Mohan, R. K. Singh, P. K. Kalra

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