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Soft Computing

Soft Computing 5/2007

Ausgabe 5/2007

Special issue on soft computing for information mining

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 8 Artikel )

01.03.2007 | Editorial | Ausgabe 5/2007

Special Issue on Soft Computing for Information Mining

Ulrich Bodenhofer, Eyke Hüllermeier, Frank Klawonn, Rudolf Kruse

01.03.2007 | Focus | Ausgabe 5/2007

Rule Base Reduction and Genetic Tuning of Fuzzy Systems Based on the Linguistic 3-tuples Representation

Rafael Alcalá, Jesús Alcalá-Fdez, María José Gacto, Francisco Herrera

01.03.2007 | Focus | Ausgabe 5/2007

Creating comprehensible regression models

Inductive learning and optimization of fuzzy regression trees using comprehensible fuzzy predicates
Mario Drobics, Johannes Himmelbauer

01.03.2007 | Focus | Ausgabe 5/2007

Intelligent data analysis with fuzzy decision trees

Xiaomeng Wang, Detlef D. Nauck, Martin Spott, Rudolf Kruse

01.03.2007 | Focus | Ausgabe 5/2007

Improving Expressivity of Inductive Logic Programming by Learning Different Kinds of Fuzzy Rules

Mathieu Serrurier, Henri Prade

01.03.2007 | Focus | Ausgabe 5/2007

Detecting Ambiguities in Regression Problems using TSK Models

Arup Kumar Nandi, Frank Klawonn

01.03.2007 | Focus | Ausgabe 5/2007

Visualization of fuzzy clusters by fuzzy Sammon mapping projection: application to the analysis of phase space trajectories

Balazs Feil, Balazs Balasko, Janos Abonyi

01.03.2007 | Focus | Ausgabe 5/2007

A Novel Approach to Noise Clustering for Outlier Detection

Frank Rehm, Frank Klawonn, Rudolf Kruse

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