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Soft Computing

Soft Computing 7/2019

Ausgabe 7/2019

Special Issue on Many-valued Logics for Reasoning Essays in Honor of Lluís Godo on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 24 Artikel )

06.03.2019 | Editorial | Ausgabe 7/2019

Many-valued Logics for Reasoning: Essays in Honor of Lluís Godo on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday

Didier Dubois, Francesc Esteva, Tommaso Flaminio, Carles Noguera, Henri Prade, Ricardo O. Rodríguez

07.08.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019

On linear varieties of MTL-algebras

Stefano Aguzzoli, Matteo Bianchi

12.07.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019

A distributed argumentation algorithm for mining consistent opinions in weighted Twitter discussions

Teresa Alsinet, Josep Argelich, Ramón Béjar, Joel Cemeli

06.06.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019

Paraconsistency and the need for infinite semantics

Arnon Avron

22.02.2019 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019 Open Access

Syntactic characterizations of classes of first-order structures in mathematical fuzzy logic

Guillermo Badia, Vicent Costa, Pilar Dellunde, Carles Noguera

11.07.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019 Open Access

New complexity results for Łukasiewicz logic

Miquel Bofill, Felip Manyà, Amanda Vidal, Mateu Villaret

11.02.2019 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019

Pseudomonadic BL-algebras: an algebraic approach to possibilistic BL-logic

Manuela Busaniche, Penélope Cordero, Ricardo Oscar Rodriguez

29.10.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019

Combining fragments of classical logic: When are interaction principles needed?

Carlos Caleiro, Sérgio Marcelino, João Marcos

11.07.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019

Toward a general frame semantics for modal many-valued logics

Petr Cintula, Paula Menchón, Carles Noguera

02.01.2019 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019

Swap structures semantics for Ivlev-like modal logics

Marcelo E. Coniglio, Ana Claudia Golzio

06.09.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019 Open Access

Connecting fuzzy logic and argumentation frames via logical attack principles

Esther Anna Corsi, Christian G. Fermüller

17.10.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019

On an operation with regular elements

Rodolfo C. Ertola-Biraben

29.08.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019

Implicit definability of truth constants in Łukasiewicz logic

Zuzana Haniková

19.06.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019

Betting on continuous independent events

Daniele Mundici

03.11.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019

Compatibly involutive residuated lattices and the Nelson identity

Matthew Spinks, Umberto Rivieccio, Thiago Nascimento

26.12.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019 Open Access

On network analysis using non-additive integrals: extending the game-theoretic network centrality

Vicenç Torra, Yasuo Narukawa

22.09.2018 | Focus | Ausgabe 7/2019

Representations for logics and algebras related to revised drastic product t-norm

Diego Valota

01.12.2017 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 7/2019

A fuzzy-based classification strategy (FBCS) based on brain–computer interface

Ahmed I. Saleh, Sahar A. Shehata, Labeeb M. Labeeb

18.11.2017 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 7/2019

A soft-computing-based approach to artificial visual attention using human eye-fixation paradigm: toward a human-like skill in robot vision

Kurosh Madani, Viachaslau Kachurka, Christophe Sabourin, Vladimir Golovko

21.11.2017 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 7/2019

An FPN-based classification method for speech intelligibility detection of children with speech impairments

Fadhilah Rosdi, Siti Salwah Salim, Mumtaz Begum Mustafa

25.11.2017 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 7/2019

An effective improved differential evolution algorithm to solve constrained optimization problems

Xiaobing Yu, Yiqun Lu, Xuming Wang, Xiang Luo, Mei Cai

21.11.2017 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 7/2019

Scalable scene understanding via saliency consensus

Bharath Ramesh, Nicholas Lim Zhi Jian, Liang Chen, Cheng Xiang, Zhi Gao

24.11.2017 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 7/2019

A novel intelligent diagnosis method using optimal LS-SVM with improved PSO algorithm

Wu Deng, Rui Yao, Huimin Zhao, Xinhua Yang, Guangyu Li

25.11.2017 | Methodologies and Application | Ausgabe 7/2019

Comparison of a genetic programming approach with ANFIS for power amplifier behavioral modeling and FPGA implementation

José Alejandro Galaviz-Aguilar, Patrick Roblin, José Ricardo Cárdenas-Valdez, Emigdio Z-Flores, Leonardo Trujillo, José Cruz Nuñez-Pérez, Oliver Schütze

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