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Soft Computing

Soft Computing 8/2005

Ausgabe 8/2005

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 7 Artikel )

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

BL-algebras and effect algebras

T. Vetterlein

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Tree-based versus distance-based key recognition in musical audio

G. Martens, H. De Meyer, B. De Baets, M. Leman, M. Lesaffre, J.-P. Martens

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

A note to the definition of the ŁΠ-algebras

Petr Cintula

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

A soft knowledge modeling approach for geographically dispersed financial organizations

M. Glykas, G. Xirogiannis

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Adaptive representation for single objective optimization

Crina Grosan, Mihai Oltean

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Conditions for analytically determining general fuzzy controllers of Mamdani type to be nonlinear, piecewise linear or linear

Hao Ying

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

The role of coherence for handling probabilistic evaluations and independence

Barbara Vantaggi

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