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Springer Series in Materials Science

Springer Series in Materials Science
156 Jahrgänge | 1988 - 2020


The Springer Series in Materials Science covers the complete spectrum of materials research and technology, including fundamental principles, physical properties, materials theory and design. Recognizing the increasing importance of materials science in future device technologies, the book titles in this series reflect the state-of-the-art in understanding and controlling the structure and properties of all important classes of materials.

Alle Bücher der Reihe Springer Series in Materials Science

2020 | Buch

Halogen-Free Flame-Retardant Polymers

Next-generation Fillers for Polymer Nanocomposite Applications

This book presents an overview of recent academic and industrial research efforts concerning halogen-free flame-retardant (FR) polymers and their nanocomposites. It summarizes the synthesis methods for various types of halogen-free FR polymers and …

2020 | Buch

Theory and Simulation in Physics for Materials Applications

Cutting-Edge Techniques in Theoretical and Computational Materials Science

This book provides a unique and comprehensive overview of the latest advances, challenges and accomplishments in the rapidly growing field of theoretical and computational materials science. Today, an increasing number of industrial communities …

2020 | Buch

Bioinspired Water Harvesting, Purification, and Oil-Water Separation

This book presents an overview of arid desert conditions and natural mechanisms for water harvesting from fog and condensation, providing data on various bioinspired surfaces for water collection. It discusses consumer to military and emergency …

2020 | Buch

Responsive Nanomaterials for Sustainable Applications

This book addresses the fabrication of responsive functional nanomaterials and their use in sustainable energy and environmental applications. Responsive functional nanomaterials can change their physiochemical properties to adapt to their …

2020 | Buch

Deformation Processes in TRIP/TWIP Steels

In-Situ Characterization Techniques

This book demonstrates the potential of novel in-situ experiments, performed on microscopic and macroscopic length scales, for investigating localized deformation processes in metallic materials, particularly their kinetics and the associated …

2020 | Buch

Handbook of Nanocomposite Supercapacitor Materials I


This book delivers a comprehensive overview of the characteristics of several types of materials that are widely used in the current era of supercapacitors; namely, architectured carbon materials, transition metal oxides and conducting polymers.

2020 | Buch

Gallium Oxide

Materials Properties, Crystal Growth, and Devices

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the new wide-bandgap semiconductor gallium oxide (Ga₂O₃). Ga₂O₃ has been attracting much attention due to its excellent materials properties. It features an extremely large bandgap of greater than 4.5 …

2020 | Open Access | Buch Open Access

Austenitic TRIP/TWIP Steels and Steel-Zirconia Composites

Design of Tough, Transformation-Strengthened Composites and Structures

This open access book presents a collection of the most up-to-date research results in the field of steel development with a focus on pioneering alloy concepts that result in previously unattainable materials properties. Specifically, it gives a …

2020 | Buch

Molecular Modelling and Synthesis of Nanomaterials

Applications in Carbon- and Boron-based Nanotechnology

This book presents nanomaterials as predicted by computational modelling and numerical simulation tools, and confirmed by modern experimental techniques. It begins by summarizing basic theoretical methods, then giving both a theoretical and …

2020 | Buch

Handbook of Nanocomposite Supercapacitor Materials II


This book covers the performance aspects of nanocomposite supercapacitor materials based on transition metal oxides, activated carbon, carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibers, graphene and conducting polymers. It compares the performance of simple …

2019 | Buch

Architectured Materials in Nature and Engineering


This book deals with a group of architectured materials. These are hybrid materials in which the constituents (even strongly dissimilar ones) are combined in a given topology and geometry to provide otherwise conflicting properties. The …

2019 | Buch

Piezo-Particulate Composites

Manufacturing, Properties, Applications

This book provides an overview of the current state of the art in novel piezo-composites based on ferroelectrics. Covering aspects ranging from theoretical materials simulation and manufacturing and characterization methods, to the application and …

2019 | Buch

Raman Spectroscopy of Two-Dimensional Materials

This book shows the electronic, optical and lattice-vibration properties of the two-dimensional materials which are revealed by the Raman spectroscopy. It consists of eleven chapters covering various Raman spectroscopy techniques …

2019 | Buch

Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas

Preparation, Properties and Applications

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental properties, preparation routes and applications of a novel class of organic–inorganic nanocomposites known as periodic mesoporous organosilicas (PMOs).

Mesoporous silicas are amorphous …

2019 | Buch

Bismuth-Containing Alloys and Nanostructures

This book focuses on novel bismuth-containing alloys and nanostructures, covering a wide range of materials from semiconductors, topological insulators, silica optical fibers and to multiferroic materials. It provides a timely overview of bismuth …

2019 | Buch

Electromagnetic Metamaterials

Modern Insights into Macroscopic Electromagnetic Fields

This book presents novel and fundamental aspects of metamaterials, which have been overlooked in most previous publications, including chirality, non-reciprocity, and the Dirac-cone formation. It also describes the cutting-edge achievements of …

2018 | Buch

Nanostructured Lead, Cadmium, and Silver Sulfides

Structure, Nonstoichiometry and Properties

This book presents and analyzes the influence of small size particles of lead, cadmium and silver sulfide on the properties of nonstoichiometric semiconductors. Important nonstoichiometry aspects in nanostructures are discussed, such as the …

2018 | Buch

Functional Metamaterials and Metadevices

To meet the demands of students, scientists and engineers for a systematic reference source, this book introduces, comprehensively and in a single voice, research and development progress in emerging metamaterials and derived functional …

2018 | Buch

Nanocomposite-Based Electronic Tongue

Carbon Nanotube Growth by Chemical Vapor Deposition and Its Application

This book describes the fabrication of a frequency-based electronic tongue using a modified glassy carbon electrode (GCE), opening a new field of applying organic precursors to achieve nanostructure growth. It also presents a new approach to …

2018 | Buch

Liquid-Crystal Nanomaterials

Tribology and Applications

This book discusses the tribological, rheological and optical properties of liquid-crystal nanomaterials as well as lubricant media. It also describes the formation of liquid-crystal materials and the application of cholesteric liquid-crystal compounds in technical friction units and in human and animal joints.