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Acta Mechanica

Acta Mechanica 6/2020

Ausgabe 6/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 31 Artikel )

13.05.2020 | Review and Perspective in Mechanics | Ausgabe 6/2020 Open Access

Measurement in opaque flows: a review of measurement techniques for dispersed multiphase flows

Christian Poelma

04.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

On the transverse indentation moduli of high-performance KM2 single fibers using a curved area function

Prashanth Turla, Hinal Patel, Assimina A. Pelegri

05.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Nonlinear supersonic indicial response of diamond airfoils

Sheng Li, Chen-Yuan Bai, Zi-Niu Wu

07.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Thermally induced delamination and buckling of a ceramic coating with temperature-dependent material properties from porous substrate at high temperatures

Y. J. Cui, J. E. Li, B. L. Wang, K. F. Wang

07.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

On primitive formulation in fluid mechanics and fluid–structure interaction with constant piecewise properties in velocity–potentials of acceleration

Jean-Paul Caltagirone, Stéphane Vincent

07.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

A molecular dynamics study of effects of crystal orientation, size scale, and strain rate on penetration mechanisms of monocrystalline copper subjected to impact from a nickel penetrator at very high strain rates

Yangqing Dou, Yucheng Liu, Bradley Huddleston, Y. Hammi, M. F. Horstemeyer

09.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Torsional surface wave propagation in a transversely isotropic FG substrate with piezoelectric over-layer within surface/interface theory

C. Enzevaee, H. M. Shodja

10.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Dynamics of a viscoelastic cylinder on a viscoelastic half-space

Alexandra A. Zobova, Irina G. Goryacheva

12.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020 Open Access

Application-oriented fundamental research on concrete and reinforced concrete structures: selected findings from an Austro-Chinese research project

Eva Binder, Hui Wang, Jiao-Long Zhang, Thomas Schlappal, Yong Yuan, Herbert A. Mang, Bernhard L. A. Pichler

12.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Visco-hyperelastic constitutive modeling of the dynamic mechanical behavior of HTPB casting explosive and its polymer binder

Youcai Xiao, Chenyang Fan, Zhijun Wang, Yi Sun

17.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Simulation of evaporation and propulsion of small particles in a laser beam

O. B. Kovalev

18.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Development of a small-deformation material model for an isotropic magneto-active elastomer

Alireza Beheshti, Ramin Sedaghati, Subhash Rakheja

24.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Dynamic response of an irregular heterogeneous anisotropic poroelastic composite structure due to normal moving load

Moumita Mahanty, Pulkit Kumar, Abhishek Kumar Singh, Amares Chattopadhyay

24.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Axisymmetric lattice Boltzmann model for simulation of ternary fluid flows

Reza Haghani-Hassan-Abadi, Mohammad-Hassan Rahimian

29.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Replacement relations for elastic composite materials having different matrices and related problems

A. Trofimov, A. Markov, I. Sevostianov

01.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Dynamic analysis of a multilayered piezoelectric two-dimensional quasicrystal cylindrical shell filled with compressible fluid using the state-space approach

Yunzhi Huang, Yang Li, Liangliang Zhang, Han Zhang, Yang Gao

01.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Phenomena and mechanism of molten copper column interaction with water

Jingge Song, Changjian Wang, Bing Chen, Manhou Li, Zhihe Shen, Chenxi Wang

02.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Modeling dynamic spherical cavity expansion in elasto-viscoplastic media

T. dos Santos, A. Brezolin, R. Rossi, J. A. Rodríguez-Martínez

02.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Buckling analysis of periodic Vierendeel beams by a micro-polar homogenized model

Francesco Penta

02.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

The Navier–Stokes–Cahn–Hilliard model with a high-order polynomial free energy

Jaemin Shin, Junxiang Yang, Chaeyoung Lee, Junseok Kim

03.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Analysis of open-loop control design and parallel computation for underactuated manipulators

Guaraci Bastos Jr., Olivier Brüls

03.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020 Open Access

Dual-mixed hp-version axisymmetric shell finite element using NURBS mid-surface interpolation

Balázs Tóth, Dániel Burmeister

03.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

The effect of rotation on the propagation of waves in an incompressible transversely isotropic thermoelastic solid

Baljeet Singh, Himanshu Singla

04.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Nonlinear forced vibration of functionally graded carbon nanotube reinforced composite circular cylindrical shells

Zhihua Wu, Yimin Zhang, Guo Yao

04.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020 Open Access

Nonlinear electromechanical coupling in ferroelectric materials: large deformation and hysteresis

Alexander Humer, Astrid S. Pechstein, Martin Meindlhumer, Michael Krommer

04.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Free vibration of stiffened functionally graded circular cylindrical shell resting on Winkler–Pasternak foundation with different boundary conditions under thermal environment

Minh-Tu Tran, Van-Loi Nguyen, Sy-Dong Pham, Jaroon Rungamornrat

06.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Buckling of carbon nanotube (CNT)-reinforced composite skew plates by the discrete singular convolution method

O. Civalek, M. H. Jalaei

07.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Characterization of ubiquitiform crack fracture parameters based on ubiquitiform theory

Junping Shi, Nan Zhang, Xiaoshan Cao, Yifeng Hu

09.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Impact of point source and mass loading sensitivity on the propagation of an SH wave in an imperfectly bonded FGPPM layered structure

A. K. Singh, Sonam Singh, Richa Kumari, Anusree Ray

10.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

An open-source computational framework for optimization of laminated composite plates

A. Kaveh, A. Dadras Eslamlou, N. Geran Malek, R. Ansari

13.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2020

Nonlinear resonant behavior of thick multilayered nanoplates via nonlocal strain gradient elasticity theory

E. Mahmoudpour

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