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Adsorption 1/2011

Ausgabe 1/2011

Special Issue: Fundamentals of Adsorption 10, May 23-28, 2010, Awaji, Hyogo, Japan, Part 1; Guest Editor: Professor Minoru Miyahara

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 31 Artikel )

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011 Open Access

Simulating the effect of carbon nanotube curvature on adsorption of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Radosław P. Wesołowski, Sylwester Furmaniak, Artur P. Terzyk, Piotr A. Gauden

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

MOF/graphite oxide hybrid materials: exploring the new concept of adsorbents and catalysts

Teresa J. Bandosz, Camille Petit

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Adsorptive desulfurization of propylene derived from bio-ethanol

T. Yamamoto, J. Chaichanawong, N. Thongprachan, T. Ohmori, A. Endo

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Methane adsorption in PIM-1

Gregory S. Larsen, Ping Lin, Flor R. Siperstein, Coray M. Colina

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Single component and binary diffusion of n-heptane and toluene in SBA-15 materials

Qinglin Huang, Ramil Abu Qamar, Mladen Eić

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Variable desorbent strength: influence on SMB operating conditions and performance

Catherine Laroche, Damien Leinekugel-le-Cocq, Philibert Leflaive

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Studies on the growth of ice crystal templates during the synthesis of a monolithic silica microhoneycomb using the ice templating method

S. R. Mukai, K. Onodera, I. Yamada

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

A novel and consistent method (TriPOD) to characterize an arbitrary porous solid for its accessible volume, accessible geometrical surface area and accessible pore size

L. F. Herrera, Chunyan Fan, D. D. Do, D. Nicholson

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Diffusion and phase equilibria of binary fluids in mesopores

Philipp Zeigermann, Muslim Dvoyashkin, Rustem Valiullin

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Investigation of gas transport through porous membranes based on nonlinear frequency response analysis

M. Petkovska, A. Markovic, M. Lazar, A. Seidel-Morgenstern

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Diffusion of cyclohexane in native and surface-modified mesoporous glasses

M. Dvoyashkin, E. E. Romanova, W.-D. Einicke, R. Gläser, J. Kärger, R. Valiullin

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Concurrent dyes adsorption and photo-degradation on fly ash based substrates

M. Visa, L. Andronic, D. Lucaci, A. Duta

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Effect of dead volume on performance of simulated moving bed process

Young-Il Lim, Suresh K. Bhatia

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Process intensification in PSA processes for upgrading synthetic landfill and lean natural gases

G. Spoorthi, R. S. Thakur, Nitin Kaistha, D. P. Rao

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Adsorption equilibrium and kinetics of copper ions and phenol onto modified adsorbents

Tae Young Kim, Sung Young Cho, Seung Jai Kim

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Simulated moving bed technology to improve the yield of the biotechnological production of lactobionic acid and sorbitol

Eduardo A. Borges da Silva, Israel Pedruzzi, Alírio E. Rodrigues

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Optimizing the separation of gaseous enantiomers by simulated moving bed and pressure swing adsorption

Jason Bentley, Qinglin Huang, Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Mladen Eic, Andres Seidel-Morgenstern

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Boron adsorption mechanism on polyvinyl alcohol

Atsuhiro Harada, Toshiyuki Takagi, Sho Kataoka, Takuji Yamamoto, Akira Endo

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Capture of CO2 from flue gas by vacuum pressure swing adsorption using activated carbon beads

Chunzhi Shen, Jianguo Yu, Ping Li, Carlos A. Grande, Alirio E. Rodrigues

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Adsorption and diffusion of argon in disordered nanoporous carbons

Jeremy C. Palmer, Joshua D. Moore, John K. Brennan, Keith E. Gubbins

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Adsorption equilibrium of the mixture of EtOH and TCE on FAU type high silica zeolite

K. Chihara, Y. Suzuki, S. Tomita, J. Kabe

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Preparation of macroporous carbon foam using emulsion templating method

N. Thongprachan, T. Yamamoto, J. Chaichanawong, T. Ohmori, A. Endo

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Investigation on specific adsorption of hydrogen on lithium-doped mesoporous silica

Masaru Kubo, Hiroshi Ushiyama, Atsushi Shimojima, Tatsuya Okubo

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Liquid-phase adsorption on metal-organic frameworks

Antje Henschel, Irena Senkovska, Stefan Kaskel

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

A TPD-MS study of the adsorption of ethanol/cyclohexane mixture on activated carbons

Camelia Matei Ghimbeu, Roger Gadiou, Joseph Dentzer, Loïc Vidal, Cathie Vix-Guterl

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Adsorption of CO2 on nitrogen-enriched activated carbon and zeolite 13X

Diôgo P. Bezerra, Ronan S. Oliveira, Rodrigo S. Vieira, Célio L. Cavalcante Jr., Diana C. S. Azevedo

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Understanding phenol adsorption mechanisms on activated carbons

Leticia F. Velasco, Conchi O. Ania

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Modeling gas separation in metal-organic frameworks

Brad A. Wells, Alan L. Chaffee

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Monte Carlo simulation of polymer adsorption

Christopher J. Rasmussen, Aleksey Vishnyakov, Alexander V. Neimark

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Novel adsorbent hollow fibres for oxygen concentration

J. M. Nevell, S. P. Perera

01.02.2011 | Erratum | Ausgabe 1/2011

Erratum to: Simple model of surface-induced electrolytic dissociation of weak acids in organic solvents

Marek Kosmulski

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