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ATZ worldwide 1/2022
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Ausgabe 1/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (17 Artikel)

01.01.2022 | Editorial

Slowing Down the Speed Merchants
Frank Jung

01.01.2022 | News

People + Companies

01.01.2022 | In the Spotlight

Additive Manufacturing on the Threshold of Mass Production
Thomas Siebel

01.01.2022 | Cover Story

Infrastructure, Law and Driver Assistance
Frank Jung

01.01.2022 | Cover Story

Research Activities for Automated Mobility
Timo Woopen, Laurent Klöker, Lutz Eckstein

01.01.2022 | Cover Story

"We don't need robot vehicles to have criminal liability"
Frank Jung

01.01.2022 | Cover Story

Country-specific Control Behavior of Driver Assistance Systems
Erich Ramschak, Philipp Quinz, Rudolf Freidekind, Rainer Vögl

01.01.2022 | News


01.01.2022 | Development

Validation of Automated Driving Functions Using Real and Synthetic Radar Data
Patrick Schnöll, Axel Schneider, Stephan Hakuli, Andreas Höfer

01.01.2022 | Development

xHEV Concepts for Achieving the CO2 Fleet Targets in 2030
Tolga Uhlmann, Dominik Lückmann, Andreas Balazs, Andreas Müller

01.01.2022 | Development

Electric Drives for All-wheel Functions - A System Comparison of ASM and PSM
Daniel Lindvai-Soos, Simon Kaimer

01.01.2022 | Development

Car as a 3-D Sound Body
Jens Friedrich, Frédéric Daudé

01.01.2022 | Development

Psychoacoustic Evaluation of Combustion Engine Noise
Sebastian Schneider, Florian Doleschal, Hermann Rottengruber, Jesko Verhey

01.01.2022 | Development

Improved Aerodynamic Efficiency through Active Surface Patterns
Nils Ballerstein, Frank Götzke, Peter Horst

01.01.2022 | Research

Weight-optimized Battery Housings for Volume Vehicles
Tobias Schmolke, Christopher Krüger, David Merdivan, Gerson Meschut

01.01.2022 | Conference Report

In Virtual Form and in Two Time Zones - 6th Automotive Acoustics Conference
Frank Jung

01.01.2022 | Guest Commentary

Autonomous Vehicles - Stress Test for the Urban Traffic Infrastructure?
Christian U. Haas

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