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ATZ worldwide 11/2021
ATZ worldwide

Ausgabe 11/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (17 Artikel)

01.11.2021 | Editorial

Crystal Ball at the IAA
Michael Reichenbach

01.11.2021 | News

People + Companies

01.11.2021 | In the Spotlight

The Space-time Dilemma of Urban Mobility
Andreas Burkert

01.11.2021 | Cover Story

Transformation of Ergonomics and Surfaces
Frank Jung

01.11.2021 | Cover Story

Potentials of Interior Sensor Technology for Automated Vehicles
Patrick Laufer, Maximilian Brenneis

01.11.2021 | Cover Story

"Dangerously sacrificing functionality in favor of design"
Frank Jung

Free Access 01.11.2021 | Cover Story

Piano Lacquer without Scratches
Muamet Sadiku, Klaus Bieniek

01.11.2021 | News


01.11.2021 | Development

Regen-braking-capable ZF Brake Control System for Electric Vehicles by VW
Manfred Meyer, Alexander Barthen, Jörn Marten Wille, Jochen Reichel

01.11.2021 | Development

Comfort Requirements of Electric Axles on Chassis Design
Ruslan Latfullin, Björn Reff, Lutz Eckstein

01.11.2021 | Development

HD Light Functions in Headlights for More Traffic Safety
Ernst-Olaf Rosenhahn, Ulrike Schlöder, Ilona Rutkiewicz

01.11.2021 | Development

Individual Design for Rear Lamps with Flat Lighting Elements
Martin Vollmer, Martin Mügge

01.11.2021 | Special

Additive Manufacturing + Lightweight Design

01.11.2021 | Special

Lightweight Design Assessment of Lithium-based Starter Batteries
Florian Wätzold, Hans-Peter Dahm, Julian Binder, Jerome Standfest

01.11.2021 | Special

Functionally Integrated Rear Section in Lightweight Design for Electric Sports Cars
Philipp Kellner, Dominik Klaiber, Matthias Biegerl, Thomas Götz

01.11.2021 | Research

Environment Detection Even in Blind Spots - 3-D Radar Sensing Based on Free-form Mold Technology
Christian Tschoban, Thanh Duy Nguyen, Oliver Schwanitz, Karl-Friedrich Becker

01.11.2021 | Guest Commentary

Stylish Living on Four Wheels
Joachim Mathes

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