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Ausgabe 9/2021

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In Partnership

Michael Reichenbach

In the Spotlight

Battery Raw Materials - Where from and Where to?

Richard Backhaus

Cover Story

From People Movers to Biohybrids

Frank Jung

Cover Story

An Innovative Sports Device and Lightweight Vehicle

Lars Piekenbrinck, Andrej Oberdörfer, Mohamad Ali Daher, Lutz Eckstein

Cover Story

One Technology, Two Use Cases for Smart Mobility and Logistics

Ferhat Metin, Onur Evirgen, Selim Yannier, Murat Demirci




Camera Monitor Systems as a Replacement for Outside Rearview Mirrors

Philipp Hoffmann, Anestis Terzis, Günter Bauer


Modular Systems for Sustainable Electrified Powertrains

Erik Schneider, René Kockisch, Michael Clauß, Volker Ambrosius


Optimized Integration of Function and Process Development of Large-series High-voltage Batteries

Georg von Falck, Hubert Thum, Martin Weinzerl, Wenzel Prochazka


Stochastic Simulation of the Fracture Behavior of Windshields in a Headform Impact

Stefan Kolling, Jens Schneider, Robert Schilling, Mark Gevers

Guest Commentary

Expanding Our Partnerships with Africa

Hildegard Müller

Premium Partner