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ATZheavy duty worldwide 2/2021
ATZheavy duty worldwide

Ausgabe 2/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (14 Artikel)

01.06.2021 | Editorial

Driving us over a Cliff
Alexander Heintzel

01.06.2021 | News

People + Companies

01.06.2021 | Cover Story

Electrification and Automation
Andreas Fuchs

01.06.2021 | Cover Story

Garbage Collection Vehicles with Highly Automated Driving Features
Bernardo Henriques, Thomas Mauthner, Gernot Hasenbichler, Indula Amarasinghe

01.06.2021 | Interview

"We need an EU-wide approach for commercial vehicles"
Alexander Heintzel

01.06.2021 | Cover Story

Design of an Electric Drive Axle for a Heavy Truck
Sven Köller, Roland Uerlich, Christian Westphal, Marius Franck

01.06.2021 | News


01.06.2021 | Development

Lifetime Estimation of Dry Starting Clutches
René Knoblich, Jörg Beilharz, Clemens Gühmann

01.06.2021 | Development

Cathode Air Cleaners to Protect Fuel Cells
Michael Harenbrock, Eva Hallbauer, Tanja Heilmann, Markus Hanselmann

01.06.2021 | Development

Thermal Management for Low NOx Applications in Heavy Duty Vehicles
Oswald Holz, Manuel Presti

01.06.2021 | Development

Thermal Management as Key to Euro VII Emissions Compliance
Thomas M. Harris, Matthew Muhleck, Bernd-Peter Scherer

01.06.2021 | Development

Increasing Functionality in Agricultural and Construction Machinery
Christian Astor, Kevin Hirsch, Lienhard Pfeifer

01.06.2021 | Research

Modeling the Longitudinal Dynamics of Terminal Tractors
Patrick Driesch, Kai Andre Horwat, Niko Maas, Dieter Schramm

01.06.2021 | Guest Commentary

Technological Diversity for Mobility
Alexander Raßmann

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