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ATZheavy duty worldwide 3/2019
ATZheavy duty worldwide

Ausgabe 3/2019


Inhaltsverzeichnis (15 Artikel)

01.09.2019 | Editorial

Seize the Potential!

01.09.2019 | News

Mobile Automation

01.09.2019 | Cover Story

Alternative Drives for Commercial Vehicles
Andreas Fuchs

01.09.2019 | Cover Story

New Engines at Volvo Trucks
Manfred Nelles

01.09.2019 | Interview

"We will offer the complete range of technologies"
Alexander Heintzel, Johannes Liebl

01.09.2019 | Cover Story

Commercial Vehicle Turbocharging Technologies for CO2 Targets from 2025 Onward
Holger Gabriel, John Zagone

01.09.2019 | News


01.09.2019 | Development

Roadmap 2030 - Perspective on Future Tractor Technology
Stephan Hammes, Thomas Woopen

01.09.2019 | Research

Battery Housing for Lithium-ion Batteries
Dominic Düser, Thomas Schramm

01.09.2019 | Development

Future Drive Solutions for Construction Vehicles
Jonathan Atkinson

01.09.2019 | Development

Optimized Chassis for Compact Track Loader
Dennis Hare, Rob Schultz, Randall Franck

01.09.2019 | Development

Flexibility versus Standardization for Hydraulic Cylinders
Dominik Obst

01.09.2019 | Development

Partial-load Switchable Clutch for Economical Power Take-Off
Thomas Dill, Florian Kibler

01.09.2019 | Development

Investigation of Electrified Trailer Axles by Use of a Functional Model
Kerstin Ritters, Ludger Frerichs, Thomas Heuser, Olaf Drewes

01.09.2019 | Guest Commentary

The Challenge of CO2 Limits for Heavy Commercial Vehicles
Peter Eilts

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