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Automation and Remote Control

Automation and Remote Control 12/2016

Ausgabe 12/2016

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 14 Artikel )

01.12.2016 | Topical Issue | Ausgabe 12/2016

Minimizing the maximal weighted lateness of delivering orders between two railroad stations

D. I. Arkhipov, A. A. Lazarev

01.12.2016 | Topical Issue | Ausgabe 12/2016

Graphical method to solve combinatorial optimization problems

E. R. Gafarov

01.12.2016 | Topical Issue | Ausgabe 12/2016

Two-directional traffic scheduling problem solution for a single-track railway with siding

A. A. Lazarev, E. G. Musatova, I. A. Tarasov

01.12.2016 | Linear Systems | Ausgabe 12/2016

Energy approach to stability analysis of the linear stationary dynamic systems

I. B. Yadykin, A. B. Iskakov

01.12.2016 | Nonlinear Systems | Ausgabe 12/2016

Methods of analysis of automatic control systems obeying a mathematical model with cubic characteristic equation

V. V. Maslennikov, V. V. Meshcheryakov, E. A. Dovgopolaya

01.12.2016 | Nonlinear Systems | Ausgabe 12/2016

Stability conditions for a heat transfer object control system with Schipanov controller under imperfections in the controller

E. M. Solnechnyi

01.12.2016 | Stochastic Systems, Queueing Systems | Ausgabe 12/2016

Reduction of the two-step problem of stochastic optimal control with bilinear model to the problem of mixed integer linear programming

A. I. Kibzun, A. N. Ignatov

01.12.2016 | Control in Social Economic Systems, Medicine, and Biology | Ausgabe 12/2016

A semi-Markov model for an unreliable single-line loss queueing system with different restoration types

A. I. Peschansky, A. I. Kovalenko

01.12.2016 | Intellectual Control Systems | Ausgabe 12/2016

Large deviations in the social systems with threshold conform behavior

A. D. Rogatkin

01.12.2016 | Data Analysis | Ausgabe 12/2016

The contrast features selection with empirical data

V. V. Tsurko, A. I. Michalski

01.12.2016 | Mathematical Game Theory and Applications | Ausgabe 12/2016

Stochastic coalitional better-response dynamics and stable equilibrium

K. Avrachenkov, V. V. Singh

01.12.2016 | Mathematical Game Theory and Applications | Ausgabe 12/2016

Equilibria in secure strategies in the Bertrand–Edgeworth duopoly

A. B. Iskakov, M. B. Iskakov

01.12.2016 | Sensors and Systems | Ausgabe 12/2016

Development of galvanic isolators on the basis of nanostructures from spin-valve magnetoresistive effect

P. A. Belyakov, D. V. Kostyuk, I. E. Abanin, V. V. Amelichev, E. P. Orlov, D. V. Vasil’ev, S. I. Kasatkin, A. M. Murav’ev, A. I. Krikunov, S. V. Shamanaev

01.12.2016 | Automation in Industry | Ausgabe 12/2016

Solutions to reactor system static optimization problems by simulation and control theory methods

A. V. Sukharev, B. A. Golovushkin, A. N. Labutin, E. V. Erofeeva

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