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Cellulose 2/2003

Ausgabe 2/2003

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

01.06.2003 | Editorial Introduction | Ausgabe 2/2003


01.06.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Characterization of the supermolecular structure of cellulose in wood pulp fibres

Eva-Lena Hult, Tommy Iversen, Junji Sugiyama

01.06.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

The porous structure of pulp fibres with different yields and its influence on paper strength

Bo Andreasson, Jennie Forsström, Lars Wågberg

01.06.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Application of the solvent dimethyl sulfoxide/tetrabutyl-ammonium fluoride trihydrate as reaction medium for the homogeneous acylation of Sisal cellulose

Gabriela T. Ciacco, Tim F. Liebert, Elisabete Frollini, Thomas J. Heinze

01.06.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Regioselective sulfation of trimethylsilyl cellulose using different SO3-complexes

Alexander Richter, Dieter Klemm

01.06.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Synthesis, characterization and properties of methylaminocellulose

Simone Knaus, Ursula Mais, Wolfgang H. Binder

01.06.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Depolymerization of cellouronic acid during TEMPO-mediated oxidation

Izumi Shibata, Akira Isogai

01.06.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Cellulose hydrolysis – the role of monocomponent cellulases in crystalline cellulose degradation

Shawn D. Mansfield, Roger Meder

01.06.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Use of HMDS/hexane double layers for obtaining low cost selective membrane

Maria Lucia P. da Silva, Nicole R. Demarquette, Ing H. Tan

01.06.2003 | Ausgabe 2/2003

Tensile properties of ligno-cellulosic fabrics coated with styrenated polyester resin

A. Varada Rajulu, X.H. Li, L. Ganga Devi, G. Babu Rao, Y.Z. Meng

01.06.2003 | Corrigendum | Ausgabe 2/2003

Corrigendum: Model Films of Cellulose: I. Method Development and Initial Results

S. Gunnars, L. Wågberg, M.A. Cohen Stuart

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